Training Programs
Facilitation/Meetings Randy Bauer Conducting Effective Meetings
Conflict Kari Knutson Conflict Resolution: Tried and True Strategies
Performance Management Cynthia Paine Constructive Feedback: How to Give & Receive
Team Building June Ramos Creating a Peak Performance Team
Difficult Work Relationships Kathy Stroh Creating a Working Environment
Time Management/Productivity K.J. McCorry Creating Time Efficiency & Managing Multiple Priorities
Decision Making Tiffany Dahlberg Critical Thinking & Decision Making
Diversity Kari Knutson Cultural Competency: More Than Flags, Foods, and Festivals
Diversity David Sanford Cultural Differences & Conflict Management
Team Building Tara Powers Culture Counts! Designing a Positive & Powerful Work Environment
Strategy/Vision Anne Neal Culture Wisdom
Customer Service June Ramos Customer Service Excellence: Surviving & Thriving on the Front Lines!
Customer Service Kari Knutson Customer Service: Creating Relationships That Matter
Customer Service Tara Powers Dealing with Angry/Upset Customers: Maintaining Your Composure on the Front Line
Change David Knapp Dealing with Change
Difficult Work Relationships June Ramos Dealing with Difficult People & Situations
Difficult Work Relationships Kari Knutson Dealing with Difficult People: Three Keys to Success
Customer Service Randy Bauer Dealing with Upset Customers & Difficult Situations
Supervision/Delegation Randy Bauer Delegating for Results
Supervision/Delegation June Ramos Delegation: A Management Tool to Produce Results!