Training Programs
Facilitation Anne Neal Herding Cats: Basic Facilitation Skills
Leadership Randy Bauer High-Impact Leadership Skills
Team Building June Ramos How Does Your Team-Work? Turning Dysfunction into High Performance
Team Building Tara Powers How to Accelerate Team Success & Keep It There: 7 Key Strategies for Team Effectiveness
Interviewing/Recruiting Randy Bauer How to Hire the Right People
Change Tara Powers How to Manage Change and the Stress That Accompanies It
Time Management/Productivity Randy Bauer How to Work Smarter
Difficult Work Relationships Randy Bauer How to Work with Difficult People
Diversity Eleanor Hubbard I’m In the Majority: Should Race Matter to Me?
Stress/Life Balance Dennice Kercher I'm Juggling As Fast As I Can: Managing Stress, Avoiding Burnout & Achieving Balance
Change Anne Neal Image Shift Training and Coaching: Learn How Underlying Images Affect Behavior and Determine Results
Image Marian Rothschild Image with Intention: Polished Personal Branding for Exquisite Leadership Presence
Communication Skills Paul Unks Improving Interpersonal Communication
Conflict Jayne Gnadt Improving Relationships & Managing Conflict: Strength Deployment Inventory®
Interviewing/Recruiting Nora Burns Increase Your Hiring ROI: Behavioral Interviewing 101
Time Management/Productivity K.J. McCorry Increase Your Productivity with Microsoft Outlook
Leadership David Knapp Increasing Your Personal Influence Through Dynamic Storytelling: An Executive Workshop
Communication Skills David Knapp Increasing Your Personal Influence: Leading from the Middle
Time Management/Productivity K.J. McCorry Individual Organization & Coaching Services
Negotiation David Knapp Influencing & Negotiation Skills for Non-Sales Professionals