Training & Development Articles

Creating a More Human Employee Experience

Employee retention & turnover, engagement, recruitment, performance management…these are today’s top workforce management issues. We’ll take a quick look at the top three human resource challenges that organizations face today and the most effective approaches to managing them.

The Keys to Employee Happiness

Cutting-edge organizations and happiness experts have concluded not only are happy workers more productive, resilient, loyal, and impact the bottom line, but it’s important to the overall well-being of each individual to be in a role in which they can thrive and adds meaning to their lives.

Most Requested Training Topics for 2017

One of the most common inquiries we receive is, “What are the most popular workplace training topics?” Well, it’s the time of year for “best of” and “Top 10″ lists, so we thought we’d share a run-down of the most popular employee training topics our clients are planning for 2017.

Workplace Harassment: Challenges, Solutions

Workplace harassment continues to be on the rise. Find out what your organization can do to not only inform your employees of their rights, but also implement a more holistic solution for prevention.

Creating a Coaching Culture

New research has found that companies who employ a coaching culture and incorporate people-focused practices are more than twice as likely to have effective performance management than the average company.

Why Employee Retention Is a Hot Topic

Employee retention is an important topic because companies know that the real cost of losing an employee can range from tens of thousands of dollars to twice a position’s salary.