Training & Development Articles

Creating a Coaching Culture

New research has found that companies who employ a coaching culture and incorporate people-focused practices are more than twice as likely to have effective performance management than the average company.

How to Ensure Your Meetings Are Efficient, Relevant, and Impactful

In the same way an athlete's goal is always to run faster, throw farther, and score more points, the facilitator's goal is always to host meetings that are relevant, time-efficient, and impactful. One of the best ways to ensure your meetings are productive and creating meaningful results is to consistently evaluate them when they are done.

Mindfulness in the Workplace

Workplace stress has been cited in studies as a significant source of stress for American adults and it appears to be escalating with each new decade and costing U.S. industry an estimated $300 billion a year in sick days, turnover, lost productivity, and insurance, legal, and medical costs.