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Expert Spotlight: Diane Sieg

As part of our Zoe Spotlight interview series with our Zoe Associates, Diane Sieg – an emergency room nurse turned speaker, author, coach, and yoga instructor – reveals some of her pivotal background and reasons why she chose her current path in life.

Expert Spotlight: Polly Letofsky

Polly Letofsky, the only woman to walk around the world, shares with audiences the details of her daunting journey started in 1999 to raise breast cancer awareness, and she provides inspiration and clarity on how each of us can make it through our own private daunting journeys.

Economy's Ripple Effect on Your Employees

Is the economy finally back on track? Are we headed for a double-dip recession? Will hiring pick up again anytime soon? These are important questions that will impact the future of your organization—however, the more immediate question is: How are the ripple effects from the ongoing tight economic conditions directly impacting your employees TODAY?

Training, Development & Employment Cycle

Now is a good time to examine the ways in which training and development directly impact YOUR organization’s employment life cycle and some high-return actions you can take to ensure you are positioned to take advantage of improving conditions.

Natural Market's ‘Organic’ Training Approach

Whenever I’m in Portland, Oregon, my favorite place to shop is a natural foods chain called New Seasons Market. The produce is fresh. The selection is great. But what really sets them apart from every other grocery store is their top-notch customer service.

Increase Attendance At Your Next Meeting

Whether you’re planning a monthly meeting, a public seminar, or an international convention, you want to have as many attendees as possible. The more people you have at your meeting, the more exposure your sponsors receive, the more value your attendees derive from networking, and the more likely you are to fill your room block. Not to mention the more revenue you generate from registrations!

Justifying Training in These Troubled Times

When done right, people development pays long-term dividends for your organization: morale is better, turnover drops, your ability to recruit qualified employees improves—and that’s all above and beyond the resulting skills enhancement and performance efficiency improvements (that result). Even in lean times, workforce development remains a “must-do” for forward-thinking organizations.