Workplace Harassment: Challenges, Solutions

Workplace harassment continues to be on the rise. Find out what your organization can do to not only inform your employees of their rights, but also implement a more holistic solution for prevention.

Expert Spotlight: Kari Knutson

Kari Knutson, a fellow Chai lover and anti-bullying crusader, has a dynamic, compassionate, and cheerful style that is contagious and ever-present in all interactions with her.

Being an Ally of a Marginalized Group

Being an ally of any marginalized group is a rewarding and frustrating experience. Marginalized people, whether because of race, class, sexual orientation, age, or gender often have a deeper understanding of their society than those of us who live in the mainstream.

Expert Spotlight: Eleanor Hubbard

Eleanor Hubbard, PhD, is passionate about teaching adults the varied subtopics of diversity, including gender, race/ethnicity, social class, age, and sexual orientation, with a special emphasis on workplace diversity.

Fight 'Reality TV' with Reality...TV Style

One of the best parts of my job is hearing stories about Gen Y new hires entering the workplace. No matter the industry, location or size company, these stories are fittingly, like their subjects, digital. A 1 or a 0. Big success or head-shaking, pitiable failure. Most are the latter and theories abound about who or what to blame. Parents? Colleges? I’m going with reality TV.

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