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Since 1983, Zoe Training and Consulting has offered one-stop access to training and development resources for organizations and government agencies nationwide that want the best results from their human capital investments. We provide one point of contact for more than 60 trainers, speakers, and consultants, saving our clients considerable time and energy in researching and identifying appropriate resources.

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Onsite Training

Onsite professional development training to match your specific organizational needs.

Keynote Speakers

Prescreened keynote speakers to meet the requirements of your audience, topic, and budget.


Assess, develop, and leverage your human resource capability to achieve your goals.


Manage group dynamics and develop action plans that create commitment and results.

Leadership Series

Customized series based on specific skill needs that create a strong "talent pipeline."

Professional Coaching

Leadership, productivity, performance management, and career coaching.


Self-paced learning with a high degree of interactivity and 24/7 availability.

IT Training

Comprehensive IT solutions ranging from commonplace to obscure topics.

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