Training & Consulting Expert Interviews

Expert Spotlight: Kari Knutson

Kari Knutson, a fellow Chai lover and anti-bullying crusader, has a dynamic, compassionate, and cheerful style that is contagious and ever-present in all interactions with her.

Expert Spotlight: Anne Neal

Anne Neal has a gift for presenting transformational tools in a way that bridges the gap between the old way and a new way.

Expert Spotlight: David Sanford

Having spent more than thirteen years living and working abroad including assignments in the UK, Taiwan, India, Iran, Italy, and Japan, David Sanford has an intimate understanding and insight into the challenges faced by those living and/or working in multicultural environments.

Expert Spotlight: Jayne Gnadt

Jayne Gnadt, a seasoned professional with an extensive background in project management, is also an energizing and memorable keynote speaker who shared some insightful gems with us in this interview.

Expert Spotlight: Matt Baca

Matt Baca is not only an Adjunct Lecturer at the University of Colorado, he also likes to call himself a “Corporate Trainer with a Humorist Twist.”