Training & Consulting Expert Interviews

Expert Spotlight: Eleanor Hubbard

Eleanor Hubbard, PhD, is passionate about teaching adults the varied subtopics of diversity, including gender, race/ethnicity, social class, age, and sexual orientation, with a special emphasis on workplace diversity.

Expert Spotlight: Christina Haxton

Would you believe part of the Zoe staff is a team of horses? According to Christina Haxton, who occasionally integrates them into her training sessions, horses are ideal teachers.

Expert Spotlight: Traci Brown

A body language expert and teacher of unconscious persuasion skills, Traci Brown shows participants how to use her techniques in all sorts of business negotiations.

Expert Spotlight: Tamara Kleinberg

Imaginibbles…Chief Imaginator…Creativi-Tees…these are words that originated from the creative mind of Tamara Kleinberg – an idea tinkerer, serial entrepreneur, nationally published author, innovation artist, and martial artist.

Expert Spotlight: Brad Nieder, MD

There are thousands of doctors and thousands of professional speakers, but few of them are both a doctor and a speaker. Brad Nieder, MD, is one of them.

Expert Spotlight: Avish Parashar

Did you know that unleashing your creative side helps bring about a new way of looking at life and business? As a speaker, improv teacher, and stand-up comedian, it’s Avish Parashar’s objective to show audiences how they can learn a lot about themselves and their potential for professional excellence – while having fun in a creative format.