Training & Consulting Expert Interviews

Expert Spotlight: Paul Unks

With the employment situation in flux in recent years, Paul Unks’ career management expertise has come in handy for many people who need to regain their footing by either clarifying their career objectives or identifying new career options.

Expert Spotlight: Sarah Michel

Perfecting Connecting© – what Sarah Michel calls her networking strategies to promote personal and professional success – aptly describes her expertise on the art of intentional connecting.

Expert Spotlight: Debra Fine

Debra Fine is a sought-after expert on conversation skills and business social networking techniques for use at networking events and social functions.

Expert Spotlight: D.J. Vanas

With a name like D.J. “Eagle Bear” Vanas, it’s no surprise to learn he’s an extraordinary speaker that entertains audiences with his Native American wisdom and traditional storytelling, and also motivates and empowers participants with timeless lessons originating from his tribal leadership experiences.

Expert Spotlight: Steve Ouellette

Steve Ouellette, the Six Sigma Heretic™, helps facilitate fundamental change within organizations to help them greatly improve their profitability.