Anderson-davis Online Training Courses

Provided by Zoe Training in conjunction with Powers Developmental Resources, these courses include online training solutions in the areas of harassmentleadership, and working across generations.

Working Across Generations   •   Intent vs. Impact

Working Across Generations

This is a revolutionary training program that brings attention to one of the most important and most unacknowledged issues in the workplace. It’s also informative and entertaining. But the real power of the curriculum is found in the fact that it uses real-world dramatizations of situations and interactive lessons. Anderson-davis provides 17 modules in Working Across Generations that cover a wide range of generational topics such as perspective exercises, sources and solutions to conflict, change management, a discussion on generational strengths, cross-generational communication techniques, and management skills needed to work with each generation. If you don’t have the budget for full scale generational diversity consulting, this program is a great option.

Working Across Generations also:

  • Monitors and reports on employee progress as they learn at their own pace. Working Across Generations has its own Learning Management System, or can interface with your organization's LMS
  • Fulfills most state requirements for mandatory Equal Employment Opportunity training
  • Improves productivity, talent retention, morale, innovation, and the total quality of your organization
  • Reduces turn-over, lawsuits, conflicts, and talent shutdown using a program designed to be consistent with the latest EEO laws and guidelines
  • Helps clients reputation as they earn "Employer of Choice" & "Provider of Choice"
  • Helps employees appreciate the unique talents and insights of a generationally diverse workforce
  • Highlights the business case for generational diversity differences as they affect your company’s bottom line

Below are some of our course chapters that can be included within your final Working Across Generations e-learning course and their respective learning point summaries. 

  • CEO Welcome Statement
  • Introduction
  • Exercise
  • What Are Generational Differences?
  • Scenario - Generational Conflict
  • Generational Conflict - Follow Up
  • The Future is Here
  • Opportunities of Change
  • Understanding Generation Gaps
  • Exercise
  • Conflict, Impact, and Technique
  • Exercise
  • Cross-Generation Effective Communication Techniques
  • Identifying Generational Strengths
  • Working WITH Each Generation’s Values
  • Post-Assessment Test
  • Conclusion

Intent vs. Impact

The Intent vs. Impact core course features six vital harassment prevention lessons plus a comprehensive post-test.

The course includes more than 40 video scenarios delivered in an engaging full motion movie format. It includes content and a skill-building activity that teaches supervisors how to appropriately receive a harassment complaint, respond to the complainant’s concerns and questions and how to avoid costly mistakes. It also teaches supervisors how to stop behavior prohibited by their employer’s harassment policy, when no complaint, and to effectively deal with a hostile harasser.

  • Introduction
  • How to Recognize Harassment
  • How to Stop
  • Intervention
  • Receiving Complaints
  • Retaliation
  • Post Test

Optional Smart Lessons: SmartLessons™ are five to twenty-five minute lessons that provide additional Flash video scenarios, activities, and quizzes. They are used to provide additional video scenarios and content and to reinforce the core course’s content, learning objectives, and resolution skills. Each client has the option of adding one or more SmartLessons™ to the core course. 

  • How to Recognize Sexual Harassment
  • How to Recognize Protected Characteristics Harassment
  • How to Recognize Disrespectful Behavior
  • Sex and Sex-Based Harassment
  • Third-party Intervention
  • Defensive Harasser
  • Avoiding Mistakes

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