Expert Spotlight: Debra Fine

A sought-after expert on conversation skills and business social networking techniques for use at networking events and social functions, Debra Fine’s media appearances include: the Today Show, the Early Show, NPR, CNN, Fox Business News, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and Men’s Health Magazine.

The formerly shy, tongue-tied “enginerd” is the author of the best-selling book, “The Fine Art of Small Talk.”

What’s your favorite topic(s) to present on? Why?

“The Fine Art of Building Relationships: Face to Face Interactions in an Online World.” Every individual and organization is looking to enhance relationships with potential as well as current clients/customers and gain increased visibility in the marketplace. This may mean making the most of out of networking occasions or simply turning every conversation into an opportunity. In addition, skills offered during my presentations benefit internal relationships with teams, mentors, C-Suite, staff and colleagues. This program is my favorite because it supplies tools that can be instantaneously implemented with immediate rewards.

Three words that describe your presentation style:

Entertaining, Informative, Interactive

Are you involved in any community projects/issues?

I have been a Rotarian since 1993, involved in all levels of service both locally and internationally. This upcoming 2011/2012 I will serve as the President of the Denver Southeast Rotary Club.

Do you have a favorite quote? What/why?

“Every conversation is an opportunity for success.” When we take the time to reflect on our business, social and even romantic interactions we understand that conversations – small, big, filled with conflict or mired in misunderstanding – make a huge difference in our lives.

Tell us a recent book you’ve read and would recommend:

“Start-up Nation” by Dan Senor and Saul Singer is an intriguing guide to the entrepreneurial success of Israel. What types of individuals and teams bring success to new ideas? What can a nation do to motivate and encourage an entrepreneurial culture? I learned a lot and was very inspired. Also, even though you did not ask…I have another favorite this year (I am an avid reader who is a member of two book clubs!): “Born to Run” by Christopher McDougall. I long ago stopped running and expected this would appeal to runners only. Boy, was I wrong! The author uncovers myths and tells a story (non-fiction) that is gripping and filled with interesting information.

What are you most grateful for in life?

My first innate response is: my children and husband. But after a moment I realized that I am most grateful for my good health. Without it I would not be the parent I am, or the upbeat, happy person they can model and enjoy. Despite a brush with cancer, and other minor challenges, I have enjoyed a life filled with energy and strength.