Expert Spotlight: Brad Nieder, MD

There are thousands of doctors and thousands of professional speakers, but few of them are both a doctor and a speaker. Brad Nieder, MD, is one of them. Brad combines his humor-filled doses of medicine with wellness advice to entertain audiences from the healthcare industry across the country.

As The Healthy Humorist®, Brad knows laughter in the workplace can enhance communication, aid creativity, and improve productivity. And his therapeutic presentation, “Laughter is the Best Medicine,” is quite effective at teaching audiences how humor can reduce stress, manage pain, and boost the immune system.

In this interview, Brad delivers some insightful answers about his presentations and personal life.

What’s your favorite topic(s) to present on? Why?

“Laughter is the Best Medicine” — It’s my mantra! And it’s my only topic.

Three words that describe your presentation style:

Seinfeldesque, inspiring, informative.

What are your favorite groups of people to work with?

I like working with all groups, but most of my clients are in the health care industry.

What’s the most unusual location (or circumstances) you’ve presented in?/Tell us about a presentation experience that went wrong:

I once delivered a continuing education program … to a bunch of folks getting drunk … at a “Redneck County Fair” theme party.

Do you have any pets? Kids? Unusual hobbies?

I have a three-year-old son (Isaac) and a one-year-old daughter (Molly). I like fly fishing, downhill skiing and “Dark ‘n Stormy” drinks.