Expert Spotlight: Traci Brown

A body language expert and teacher of unconscious persuasion skills, Traci Brown shows participants how to use her techniques in all sorts of business negotiations and in interactions with personal clients, and has even adapted the skills to talk herself out of an embarrassing number of traffic tickets. Traci shares some personal insights and words of wisdom in our latest Zoe Spotlight interview.

Words that describe your presentation style:

Engaging and laugh-out-loud funny.

What’s the most unusual way you’ve been paid to speak?

When I first started out and was just getting my feet wet, once I was paid for a speech with fireworks.  It was a nonprofit group and they didn’t have cash, so I took them and had lots of fun.

What are your most popular presentation topics?

Body language and unconscious persuasion is by far my post popular.  People like to leave with tools that are immediately usable and can have a big impact on the bottom line.

Why did you become a speaker/trainer?

Speaking is a way to affect lots of people at once.  It’s just a more effective use of resources than one-on-one coaching.  I’ll always do coaching; speaking is just an expansion of that.  Additionally, for me it fills my need of excitement and performing when the pressure is on. Bike racing used to do this for me.  Now I’ve replaced it with speaking.

Are you involved in any community projects/issues?

I’m the director of the Colorado Aloha Festival, a two-day celebration of the Hawaiian culture: music, art, food, and hula dancing.  20,000+ people attend.  And yes, I’m a hula dancer.

What’s your favorite quote?

“Excuses are the tools that allow you to deny the truth and destroy opportunity.”  While I was racing I had a coach that would tell me this.  And as much as I hated it at the time now I know he was right.