Expert Spotlight: Eleanor Hubbard

Retired from her position as Senior Instructor Emerita from the Department of Sociology at the University of Colorado at Boulder, Eleanor Hubbard, PhD, is passionate about teaching adults the varied subtopics of diversity, including gender, race/ethnicity, social class, age, and sexual orientation, with a special emphasis on workplace diversity.

What’s your favorite topic(s) to present on and why did you become a speaker/trainer?

My favorite topic to present is diversity and that is why I became a trainer.  I am passionate about diversity, and I love discussions with other adults about race/ethnicity, gender/transgender, social class, age, and sexual orientation. When marginalization occurs, spaces opens up for lively, interesting, practical and sometimes even life-changing discussions.  There is no room for guilt, only opportunities to change.  That’s why I do it.

Tell us a recent book you’ve read and would recommend:

If you love the sounds words make, if you are interested in the Middle Ages, or you want to know more about opera, then read Richard Harvell’s 2010 book  The Bells.  I did not know I was interested in any of those things before I read this book, but The Bells reached out and grabbed me from the first page.  I literally could not lay it down, and the author’s beautiful words are still ringing in my ears.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Are you involved in any community projects/issues?

I have served on many not-for-profits through the years, and each time, I become committed to its cause: battered women and domestic violence in the ’90s at the Boulder County Safehouse; higher education for women who don’t have traditional opportunities with the Colorado BPW Educational Foundation in the ’00s, and now with the Institute for the Study of Advanced Development and the Gifted Development Center.  It astounds me that we are not doing more as a society to encourage, enable, and promote our best and brightest kids.  Here is a small group of dedicated, knowledgeable professionals working for that goal.  We need your people power and your dollars – check us out at

What are you most grateful for in life?

Recently I created a symbol that I had tattooed just above my heart.  It has the colors of the rainbow reaching for the stars.  When I look in the mirror at my tattoo each morning, I am reminded of what I am grateful for: my family who represent all the colors of the rainbow, the joy of living each day even during difficult times, and simple pleasures.  Holding my grandchildren’s hands as we cross the street; my dog’s head laying on my thigh as we watch our favorite TV shows; hearing Bette Midler sing; enjoying fresh in-season blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries; telling my best friend about the challenges I faced that day; and praying for a world where my grandchildren and all children can thrive: these are a few of my favorite things.

Standard Starbucks order:

I would go to Starbucks more often if they served Bhati Chai (A Boulder-based company whose chai is the best, and I have tried many different kinds.)  The invigorating spice selection invites you to enjoy the time with your drink, not just “down it.”  Try it, I think you will like it too.