Training and Development Industry Report Findings for 2014

Training and Development Industry Report Findings for 2014

By Linda Anderson

January 4, 2015

For 33 years, the Training Magazine (http://trainingmag.com) has been publishing an annual training industry report, which typically shows trends in budget outlays, staffing, and programs among U.S.-based corporations and educational institutions with 100 or more employees. The 2014 report reflects some interesting findings among the latest training and development trends compared to previous years.

Last year saw record spending on total training expenditures – a staggering $61.8 billion – surpassing 2011’s $59.7 billion total spending. Surprisingly, 71 percent of the total is attributed to spending by smaller companies, mainly due to the large number of them included in the survey.  The overall training expenditure increase is attributed to a continually improving job market, relatively larger number of company mergers, and increased emphasis on closing skill gaps among employees. The average expenditure per employee was $976, an increase from 2013’s $881 total, with each employee receiving approximately 40.7 hours of training for the year.

Other significant findings include:

  • Instructor-led training remained the most popular form of delivery among small companies (51.8%), followed by blended learning (35.3%), online learning (27.5%), and remote instructor via webcast (16.6%). Large companies’ spending varied, however, with instructor-led training at only 36.6%, closely followed by online learning at 35.9%, and blended learning at 24.5%.
  • Retail industries on average spent the most on training ($8.6 million), followed by services ($6.8 million) and government/military ($5.6 million), with nonprofit organizations spending the least amount ($1.5 million).
  • Outsourcing of training accounted for approximately 8 percent of total training budgets, with the level expecting to stay steady in 2015.

As far as forecasting near-future trends, what kinds of training will experience the highest amounts of spending? On average, companies project the most funding for:

  • Management/supervisory training – $623,814
  • IT/systems training – $620,790
  • Sales training – $412,706

You can read the rest of the detailed report on the Training Magazine’s website:

2014 Training Industry Report


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