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Carol Chazdon

Trainer, Consultant, Facilitator, Instructional Design

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Carol "Chaz" Chazdon, MA, specializes in consulting, training, and instructional design, and founded her own consulting firm in 1996 to provide clients with cutting edge organizational solutions. Prior to that, Chaz was a consultant and trainer with Athena's Consulting Network, a private consulting firm working with government and community organizations. Her clients have included the Cahners TRACOM Group, Colorado Lieutenant Governor Joe Rogers, the Lafarge Corporation, State Farm Insurance, Merrill Lynch, the American Water Works Association, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, and the North Dakota Department of Human Services. Chaz has been an instructor at CU-Boulder, Regis College, and Front Range Community College.

Whether training, consulting, or designing instructional programs, Chaz draws deeply on an educational background of over 20 years. For 10 of those years, Chaz was an educational coordinator for the Boulder Valley Schools. In that capacity she managed employees and worked closely with school principals, staff, and parents to design individualized educational programs for children with special needs. Chaz honed her facilitation skills during hundreds of such meetings and soon gained the reputation for successfully leading even the most difficult of conferences. She built and nurtured one of the finest interdisciplinary teams in the state. Chaz holds a master's degree in Special Education, majoring in learning disabilities. Combined with diverse years of experience, this has given her a rare gift for designing instructional programs that are high quality, effective, and user friendly.

Chaz brings a unique work ethic to each project. Not only is achieving goals and "getting the job done" important, but it is how the job is done that is of prime concern to Chaz. She endeavors to leave a lasting impression on clients, to produce quality products that stand the test of time, and to leave her clients better off than they were before. For this reason, Chaz incorporates an interactive style of listening, coaching, and consulting in every project she undertakes.

Sample Projects:

  • Needs Assessment and Environmental Analysis. Chaz conducted needs assessments and provided consultation on the development of a new curriculum for more than 400 employees in the Client Account Services department of a major financial investment firm. Turnover had risen to an alarming level and the client was looking for both short- and long-term solutions. Chaz conducted numerous focus groups with employees at all levels of the organization. She also observed the workflow in many departments and reviewed current training curricula. She conducted an environmental analysis of the corporate climate for the new curriculum and designed recommendations that included blended training, on-the-job training, teaming, and mentoring. In addition, Chaz partnered with the internal training consultant to ensure that all recommendations were aligned with support data and that management was apprised of new developments. By the time the proposal was presented, it won unanimous approval.
    This project resulted in the first comprehensive plan for blended training this department had ever undertaken. Prior to this project, all training had been delivered on a classroom basis. Many of the recommendations for on-the-job training, work flow redesign, and coaching were implemented, and significantly reduced the turnover rate among employees.
  • Strategic Planning. Chaz was the process consultant for a year-long strategic planning project for North Dakota's Department of Human Services. She facilitated a three-day visioning summit for more than 65 delegates from various North Dakota agencies. The Summit brought together persons of diverse points of view and also included tribal representation. Prior to the summit, Chaz analyzed surveys from every region of the state and developed the content for a PowerPoint presentation, which graphically portrayed over-arching themes. During the summit, Chaz facilitated the development of vision and mission statements. During the small committee work, the delegates began crafting long-term goals and objectives that Chaz later refined into a cohesive document.
    The result of the summit was "Growing Futures: the North Dakota Five Year Visioning Plan," which was widely distributed throughout the state and is currently being implemented with strong bipartisan support. The existence of a well-articulated long-range plan enabled the state to make rapid progress toward achieving their goals. New groups have been formed to carry on the work outlined in the plan. "Growing Futures" was so successful that two neighboring states are currently planning visioning summits similar to North Dakota's.
  • Design, Development, and Delivery of Advanced Level Training Program. Chaz designed and developed the new program, Versatility @ Work, for the Cahners TRACOM Group as a follow-up to their original SOCIAL STYLE training. This advanced level class was intended for clients who were already familiar with the SOCIAL STYLE MODEL of interpersonal communication and had incorporated it into the their work culture. After extensive research of previous content and working closely with clients to finalize new material, Chaz wrote the accompanying Participant Manual and Facilitator Guide. Based around the theme of a corporate merger, Chaz developed original role-play scenarios designed to stimulate small group interaction and to practice new skills at just the right time. She also designed original instructional aids including the Style Dial and the Versatility Planner. Chaz then delivered the original program to test audiences in Denver, CO, Peoria, IL (Caterpillar International) and Winston-Salem, NC (BB&T Bank).
    Versatility @ Work is currently on the market and some of Cahners' largest clients are implementing it. The program provided Cahners with an add-on product to market and sell to new and existing clients. It also formalized the development of new material into the SOCIAL STYLE MODEL and provided much needed instructional tools for participants to internalize new concepts.
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  • Making the Most of Your Meetings: An Introduction to Group Facilitation
  • Team Building: Are You Ready?
  • The GUTS™ Model of Conflict Resolution
  • Who Nurtures the Nurturer?©
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