Greg Cortopassi

Greg Cortopassi

Professional Educator, Business Development, Process Facilitation

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Livermore, Colorado

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Through Greg Cortopassi's extensive experience in business development and process facilitation for more than 30 years, he has earned a reputation for being a highly effective Personal and Organizational Catalyst.

He specializes in upgrading leadership practices, strengthening teamwork, and increasing Response-Ability to change, which together result in unleashed creativity to deliver greater value for service. His insights in organizational dynamics generate practical solutions to common challenges in business.

A leader in the field of experiential education, Greg has been on the forefront of assisting people and organizations to activate their innate potential in the mainstream for over 34 years. His pioneering ventures have attracted over 200 media interviews around the world, and Greg has given more than 3,000 presentations in hundreds of companies and in more than 1300 schools. Using his charisma, quick wit, and history of "walking his talk," he is instrumental in creating maximum results for clients of diverse needs and interests. A representative list of his clients includes: Comcast, Bank One, Sprint Telephone, Apple Computer, Century 21, Inc Magazine, Discovery Communications, Dominos Pizza, State Farm Insurance and many more. His evocative messages are known for being authentic, inspiring, and applicable.

Greg is a catalyst, adventurer, and seeker of life. He has dedicated himself to transforming limitations into flourishing possibilities. His successes demonstrate the span of his interests and talents: from professional athlete with two national titles, to successful entrepreneur and owner of nine successful businesses, to an in-spirited photographic artist.

Areas of Expertise
  • Personal development
  • Executive/Leadership coaching
  • Corporate and organizational training
  • Educational/nonprofit training
  • Training reinforcement strategies
  • Interactive keynotes and facilitation
  • Personal and leadership development
  • Accelerated training
  • Synergy circles
  • Individual and group facilitation
  • Interactive speaking
  • Healthy living and business practices
  • One-on-one attunements
  • Schools and nonprofits
  • Organizational consulting
  • Group Clarity and Alignment Processes
  • Individual and Organizational Tune-ups, Retreats & Advances
  • Cultivating Trust
  • Self-Care and Stress Reduction Techniques
  • "Imagineering" to reinvent yourself and your organization
  • Conscious Leadership and Communication
  • Change and Transition Management
  • Training Reinforcement Strategies
  • Experience Design to Enliven Environments and Cultures
  • The Art of Deliberate Manifestation from the Inside Out
  • Intentional Living