Carmen Ferme

Carmen Ferme

Professional Development Training and Design

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Denver, Colorado

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Carmen Ferme is a Senior Training Design and Developmental Professional specializing in the human dynamics that inspire leaders, sales, and service professionals to succeed at work as well as in life. She is the founder of a Denver-based transformational leadership organization, which collaborates with local and national organizations to create and deliver leading-edge programs to a wide range of audiences and industries.

Her unique vision of leadership and success stems from two foundational principles. The first is that leadership is not bound by title or position; it is something that we are all called upon to do. Secondly, true change only takes place when we integrate change into all aspects of our lives. Financial success and creative dynamic cultures all evolve from how well we communicate and interact with people to build those relationships. Carmen’s workshops, no matter what the subject, build from these core foundations, making them personal and sustainable.

Carmen’s diverse corporate experiences span over 20 years, encompassing a variety of industries: telecommunications, fitness, television media, hotels, and food service. As an internal trainer and consultant, she has contributed to the success of many high-profile and mid-size corporations including Sprint PCS, Westin Hotels, Continental Airlines, Spectravision, Chili’s and Burger King Restaurants, and Cooper Aerobics Enterprises. Carmen has worked alongside as well as developed and coached individuals at every level of the organization. Carmen’s experiences include management and project management roles.

Carmen has a Bachelor of Science in Home Economics from Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas. She is also certified in several national training platforms including Achieve Global, Training Consortium, Holden International, and Carew International. She is a certified Experiential Team Building Facilitator through Cooper Aerobics Enterprises, Dallas, Texas.

Sample Projects:

  • Restructuring and Employee Development. At Sprint PCS, Carmen led a team of 11 business sales support representatives when the company was transitioning responsibilities for the support team to strategic partnering with the account executives. This change would better meet the customer needs AND increase revenue streams for peripheral platforms such as E-billing and Wireless Web, whose sales were not meeting projections. Over 75 percent of the current team was looking for other positions either inside or outside the company, fearing this new role.
    Within 9 months, Carmen successfully mentored and developed each team member to rise to their new role. In the process, 2 reps were promoted into national sales-supporting roles. Carmen retained 100 percent of her original team. Additionally, revenue streams for E-billing and Wireless Web services increased 75 percent, and in 5 months, the support team had secured 20 new contracts to the business channel. National accounts (American Cancer Society, First Data, Home Depot, and Coke) feedback supported the success in increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Leadership Development. Carmen was delivering a leadership training on September 11, 2001 in Louisville, Kentucky, to 12 mid- and senior-level managers. The class was a mandated class intended to help reduce manager turnover. Carmen seized the opportunity to take leadership development to the real world by facilitating a discussion among the leadership team to determine what made the most sense for the business and the participants.
    As a result of the open forum that Carmen created, the group agreed to continue the class, although now the three-day class would need to be condensed into two. Carmen strategically handled the editing of the course without compromising the integrity of the class. The leaders that emerged from that group visibly changed the way they looked at leadership and began a major shift in the market. Within one year they were at the top of the region in sales and reduced turnover.
  • Strategic Planning/Project Management. Carmen served as Subject Matter Expert at the first Sprint PCS Call Center PCS in 1996. She served as Project Manager and strategic planner for the implementation of a back-up call center in Kansas City to aid in holiday sales and activations. The lead time to implementation was short and required extensive modification of training curriculum and training process. Carmen put together the team of developers and trainers to carry this mission to completion.
    As a result of the successful leadership and planning, the temporary call center opened the day before Thanksgiving, right on target. Monitoring of the calls confirmed increased efficiencies, and made it a more satisfying experience for the customer. Carmen’s modifications to the core curriculum impacted the future training at the main call center.
Areas of Expertise
  • Business and retail sales skills
  • Career transition
  • Communications for generations
  • Customer service
  • Experiential team building
  • Leadership development
  • Presentation skills
  • Project and change management
  • Certified Experiential Team Building Facilitator, Cooper Aerobics Enterprises, Dallas, Texas 
  • Certified Facilitator, AchieveGlobal
  • Certified Facilitator, Holden International
  • Certified Facilitator, Training Consortium
  • Trainer Certification, Carew International