Robbie Glantz

Robbie Glantz

Trainer, Facilitator, and Consultant

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Evergreen, Colorado

Inquired About Robbie

Robbie Glantz has 20+ years working with people and organizations to be their best, a significant factor to organizational success as it relates to employee morale and trust, productivity, and retention. She is a consultant, trainer, facilitator, and ethics educator with a human resources and organizational development background. She has worked with private, public, nonprofit and governmental agencies and is guest staff for Mountain States Employers Council.

Robbie gives classes that qualify for Continuing Legal Credits and through the Colorado Society of CPAs offers programs that qualify for Continuing Professional Education in ethics and other areas of professional development. These classes, based on evaluations and participant comments have consistently been highly valued for their practical application and thought-provoking content. Robbie emphasizes workplace respect, trust, and accountability leveraging individual and organizational strengths to meet business objectives with compassion and fairness.

Robbie's clients have included: Hewlett Packard, Air Methods, Ochampus, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services, Kaiser Permanente, United Services Airlines Corp., Arizona Prosecuting Attorney's Advisory Council, Aircoa Hospitality Industries, Flightsafety Services Corporation, Denver Public Schools, National Renewable Energy Laboratories, Bureau of Reclamation, Colorado State District Attorney Council, National Park Service, Pharmatech Inc., Public Service Company of Colorado, Current Inc., Office of Substance Abuse Prevention, and the U.S. Geological Survey.

Sample Projects

  • Management Team Development; Performance Mangagement. For two years, Robbie was retained as the consultant for Pharmatech, Inc., a regional clinical research organization, and worked closely with the company's President and Director of Projects. During the business start-up phase, she managed recruiting and was a key partner in developing a highly effective management team. Her ongoing work included facilitating top management in the development of a vision statement and strategic plan, developing sound personnel policies and procedures, performance management counseling, and presentation of communication and conflict management training.
    According to the Director of Projects, the outcome of Robbie's consulting work was a significant contribution to the company's 400% expansion of staff, multi-million dollar increase in revenues, and growth to a nationwide business.
  • Restructuring of a Human Resource Department. Ms. Glantz was retained by an aviation-related corporation to restructure the Human Resource Department with a goal of improving internal customer service to its 3600 employees. The process included 1:1 interviews with Program Directors and Human Resources staff, job analysis, review of HR functions and processes, and assessment of overall communication strategies to branch sites.
    Outcomes included successful implementation of a restructured Human Resource Department with ongoing process improvements, higher levels of HR team program recommendations for recruitment and retention, and improved customer service. Other improvements included: faster turn around time for inquiries and actions, continuous coverage during business hours, establishment of a help desk so customers could reach a "live body," and cross job training to provide continuity of service and job enrichment for incumbents.
  • Change Management. Ms. Glantz worked with the Deputy Regional Director of Region 6 of the Fish and Wildlife Service to meet congressionally mandated implementation of a new ecosystem management approach. Region 6 was enduring budget cuts and mandates to reduce staff. Robbie collaborated with top management to strategize a change initiative, including the formation of a Regional Facilitation Team (RFT) and its mission to provide leadership, support, and guidance to newly formed Ecosystem Teams. Robbie assisted in the development and implementation of team training throughout Region 6, which included the development of a work plan describing specific action items and time frames for ecosystem implementation.
    The outcome of this project was timely implementation of the congressional mandates with a communication and change management plan to ease the transition, and maximize buy-in and participation from field personnel.
  • Management consulting and organizational development
    • Strategic Planning
    • Succession Planning
    • Retreats
    • Keynotes
    • Executive Coaching
    • Culture Change/Change Management
    • Values Based Leadership Development
    • Executive Couples Coaching
  • Human Resource Management
    • HR Policies, Procedures and Ethics Code Development
    • Talent Management
    • Recruitment
    • On-Boarding
    • Training/Staff Development
    • Performance Management
    • Engagement and Retention
    • Team Development
    • Compliance Audits and Education
  • Employee Relations
    • Mediation
    • Team Building
    • Compliance Review
    • Investigations
    • Professional Development
  • Ethics
    • Ethics Audits and Education
    • Development of Code, Policy and Procedure

Areas of Expertise
  • Business ethics
  • Communication skills
  • Conflict management
  • Customer service
  • Ethics audits and education
  • Job descriptions
  • Job search and resume writing
  • Orientation policy, procedures, and code development
  • Meeting facilitation
  • Performance management
  • Recruitment
  • Retention
  • Sexual harassment
  • Supervisory skills
  • Team development
  • Values-based leadership
  • Creating an Ethical Work Place
  • The A.R.T. of Work: Accountability, Respect and Trust
  • Recruitment and Employment Interviewing
  • Retention and Employee Engagement
  • The Ethical Management of Conflict
  • 8 Tracks to Ipods: The MultiGenerational Workforce
  • Millenials at Work
  • Performance Management
  • The Power of Words: Managing Gossip and Rumor in the Workplace
  • Customer Service Excellence
  • The Noble Leader: A Values Based Approach
  • Communication Skills for Shared Understanding
  • Claiming Your Voice: Communication Techniques for Women Leaders
  • Supervisory Skill Development Sexual Harassment Awareness The Heart of the Matter: Compassion at Work
  • Tools for Ethical Decision Making
  • Ethic of Care