Brent Henley

Brent Henley

Trainer, Consultant, and Industrial Psychologist

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Lafayette, Louisiana

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Brent Henley, MA, combines more than 25 years of consulting and business leadership experience to assist his clients with organizational performance and growth. He is a practicing Industrial Psychologist whose programs are designed to increase performance through people in sales, customer service, supervision, and leadership.

Brent's solutions emphasize performance technology for rapidly changing businesses. He has designed and managed several corporate university systems, facilitated thousands of leadership, team, and sales workshops, and is considered an expert in strategic planning, group facilitation, developing leadership, and sales performance.

Brent clients include manufacturing, financial, service, and global technology organizations as well as communities that enlist their support with community leadership programs. His firm partners with Wilson Learning, the world's largest training and development company, as well as with Celemi and The One Page Business Planning Company.

Prior to his role as independent consultant, Brent was President of K&L Corporation, a privately held entrepreneurial investment group with more than 110 employees. He became a Charter Life Member of the National Association for Community Leadership and consulted with more than 50 communities in North America to begin local leadership programs. He was selected by the Pew Charitable Trust to facilitate the Pew Civic Entrepreneur Initiatives for Baton Rouge and Shreveport.

Brent graduated with two undergraduate degrees in Sociology and Business from Centenary College of Louisiana and a master's degree in IO/OD from Louisiana Tech University. He is a Fellow of the Government Leadership Institute at UNO and leads sessions at the Community Development Institute and University of Louisiana, Monroe.

Sample Projects:

  • Strategic Planning. A fast-growing community bank conducted strategic planning, had difficulty executing elements of the plan, and questioned whether they had the most effective strategic-planning process in place. Brent provided a process for the Board of Directors to set the direction of the bank, worked with key leaders to create a web-based planning process, and tracked progress using the balanced scorecard approach.
    The bank improved cross-functional communication, doubled its size in one year while avoiding the common pitfalls of accelerated growth, received high ratings from FDIC, and increased profitability and accountability.
  • Increasing Leadership Capability. A Fortune 500 telecommunications firm realized it needed to improve bench strength of leaders, but first needed to improve the capability of current leaders, especially at the front line. Brent implemented a Supervisory Leadership Series where more than 700 front-line leaders attended instructor-led training sessions and completed bridge assignments to practice their classroom learning.
    The telecommunications company continues to develop its leaders using this approach with internal facilitators certified to teach the topics. More than 30 percent of those who graduated have been promoted. Employee retention is at an all-time high.
Areas of Expertise
  • Customer service
  • Group facilitation
  • Leadership
  • Sales
  • Strategic planning
  • Supervision
  • Team development
  • Executive retreats
  • Global communication training:
    • Training you to do business in a foreign country
    • Preparing you to perform successfully worldwide
    • Helping you bridge cultural and language barriers that may hinder success in a global economy
  • One Page Business PlanĀ® tool for strategy development and implementation
  • Professional facilitation services for communities and facilities, which can include:
    • Environmental incidents (spills, releases, accidents)
    • Safety incidents (injuries, fatalities)
    • Facility explosions (resulting in community destruction, fatalities)
    • Environmental Justice
    • Emergency preparedness and LEPC accountability
    • Neighborhood meetings for facility permits
    • Chemical/Community Issues Conferences
    • High impact community communications and involvement initiatives
    • Environmental impact of facility expansion and closings
  • SIMSOC (Simulated Society), highly participative group simulation for leadership development
  • Wilson LearningĀ® Human Performance workshops