Bill Kipp

Bill Kipp

Conflict Resolution Training

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Longmont, Colorado

Bill Kipp

Bill Kipp has over 23 years experience in helping literally thousands of children, teens, women, and men to break through the fear of conflict to experience life more fully with greater confidence and composure. Through an international team of instructors, his award-winning FAST program (Fun Assertiveness Safety Training) has become the cutting edge in empowered conflict resolution. Bill’s unique and powerful methodologies have been employed by corporations such as Lucent Technology, Lockheed Martin, and MCI, and to elite law enforcement units and the US Military.

Bill has a playful engaging teaching style that allows participants to face challenging topics with ease and grace, and have fun doing it. With a colorful eclectic background, Bill has worked as a sailing instructor, ski instructor, commercial diver, acupuncturist, movie stuntman, bodyguard, US Marine combat diver, and professional speaker. The author of several DVDs and a book titled "Turning Fear into Power," Bill is considered one of the world’s leading experts on the subject of adrenaline-response training in regard to assertive conflict resolution.

Bill is the founder of a worldwide program that specializes in helping people of all types to understand how people respond in challenging situations, whether in a low-level verbal situation up to life-threatening situations. His Stop Bullies FAST program is taught throughout North America and Europe and has helped thousands of children stop the painful and damaging effects of bullying. Teenagers, soccer moms, dads, sports teams, women’s groups, businesses and more have reaped the rewards of finding the inner strength to stand up for themselves in every facet of life.

Bill’s enthusiasm and zeal for life is contagious. He most enjoys allowing people to see what their strengths are versus their weaknesses, and providing simple yet powerful assertive skill sets to live every day with passion and confidence.

Areas of Expertise
  • Communication
  • Conflict management
  • Difficult people, work relationships
  • Empowerment
  • Harassment prevention/EEO
  • Stress management
  • Team building
  • Don’t Be a Knee-Jerk! A Marine's Guide to Creative Conflict Resolution
  • Media