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Rosa Mazone
Rosa Mazone

Rosa Mazone

Personal Responsibility and
Professional Accountability

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Denver, Colorado

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Rosa Mazone has been an acclaimed speaker, consultant, and educator since 1975. She is powerful and proficient in facilitating individuals and groups as they create insights and commit to self-discovery and empowerment.

Rosa brings to her clients an interdisciplinary background founded on human potential research, psychology, and the study of a myriad of spiritual traditions. She is caring, sensitive, skillful, and dynamic. Her effectiveness as a group facilitator, program speaker, and seminar leader is due, in large part, to the rapport she establishes with participants. She has an exceptional capability for creating vibrant, interactive, and successful learning experiences.

Rosa is employed by businesses, corporations, governmental agencies, healthcare, and educational and professional groups. Representative of these are: Arapahoe Library District; City and County of Broomfield, Colorado; Colorado Mountain College; Colorado Senior Wellness Conference; Denver Department of Human Services; Environmental Protection Agency; First Bank of Colorado; HEI, Inc.; Lockheed Martin Astronautics; KUNC Public Radio; Mountain States Employers Council Inc.; and St. Mary Land and Exploration Co.

Rosa is the author of CDs that address personal responsibility and professional accountability. She also designs and sells a line of merchandise that promotes these concepts. She holds a bachelor of science degree in Business Administration from the University of Denver and was a management analyst with the United States Air Force prior to launching her career as an advocate for self-realization.

  • Aging: Shaping a New Tradition...Just Because They Said It, Doesn't Make It True (Presentation and workshop)
  • Self-Esteem: The Foundation for Success (Presentation and workshop)
  • What I Think Is Why It Is! A Guide to Personal Responsibility (Presentation and workshop)
  • What I Do Is Not Who I Am (Presentation and workshop)
  • Because I Wouldn't, You Shouldn't (Workshop)
  • Conscious Communication (Workshop)
  • A Rational Approach to Stress Prevention (Workshop)
  • The Put-Down: Unhealthy Humor in the Workplace (Workshop)