K.J. McCorry

K.J. McCorry, Time Management and Productivity Consultant

Time Management Training, Electronic Organization and Productivity Consulting

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Boulder, Colorado

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K.J. McCorry, EMBA, is the owner of her own productivity, efficiency, and sustainability consulting company based out of Boulder, Colorado. She specializes in office productivity, systems improvement, and records management.

K.J. works with high-level executives and management to help maximize their time. Based on specific job responsibilities and work habits, she develops customized systems to help improve their performance. K.J. specializes in increasing efficiency using electronic tools and becoming less paper based.

K.J.’s work in office process simplification has been recognized locally and nationally in the New York Times, International Herald Tribune, Chicago Tribune, Real Simple, Better Homes & Gardens, Denver Business Journal, Real Simple, Mobility Magazine, and many others. She has done national TV and radio appearances on the Do It Yourself Network, The Peter Boyles Show, and World Talk Radio, along with local news broadcasts.

She is also the author of "Organize Your Work Day In No Time," by Que Publishing. This book shows readers how to use their work time more efficiently through simple and effective time-management and computer-organization techniques. She is a contributing author to "Simple Path to Sustainability; Green Business Strategies for Small and Medium Sized Businesses."

K.J. was nominated twice by her peers for the prestigious Founders Award with the National Association of Professional Organizing, recognizing leaders who have furthered the professional organizing industry. She was also selected as a finalist for the 2008 Oppenheimer Funds Entrepreneur of the Year Award, who recognizes entrepreneurs who have successfully built businesses and positively impacted the community.

K.J. lived in Japan and Southeast Asia for more than five years, where she trained Japanese businessmen in language and cross-cultural issues. She worked with Nippon Telegraph and Telecommunications Company, Barclay's Bank and Securities, Tokyu Corporation, Fujitsu, IBM, and NHK. Upon returning to the United States, she worked as a consultant for Prudential Intercultural providing corporate intercultural seminars for Fortune 500 companies, such as IBM, Qwest Communications, Dupont, and Pepsi-Co. She was a selected member on the Prudential Trainer Advisory Council for three years.

Some of K.J.'s clients include: ARCO; Ball Aerospace; Boulder County Business Report; Cintas; CI International; ColsonQuinn Law Offices; CoorsTek; Decisive Communications; Film LA; Fresh Ideas Group; GAIAM Inc.; Holland and Hart; Jeppesen Sanderson; Kane Company; Kennecott Energy; Mallick Mechanical; New Hope Natural Media; Noodles & Company; Patton Boggs; Peak Pediatrics; Ragan Communications; Southern Illinois University; Stratus Consulting; White Wave Foods; Wildwood Guitars; Wolverine Trading, LLC; Vermillion Design; Autism Speaks; Boettcher Foundation; Bonfils- Stanton Foundation; Denver Foundation; Denver Metro Chamber; Coca Cola Scholars Foundation; Funding the Future; Governor’s Residence Preservation Fund; National Scholarship ; Providers Association; Pikes Peak Hospice; Planned Parenthood; Government Agencies: City/State; Center for Atmospheric Research; City of Boulder; City of Denver; City of Fort Collins; City of Longmont; Department of Defense; Department of Homeland Security; Department of Interior; Department of Labor; Environmental Protection Agency; General Services Administration (GSA); GSA/ Federal Technology Service; GSA/ FEDSIM; GSA/ Public Building Services Administration; Health and Human Services; National Institute of Health; Office of Personnel Management; Small Business Administration; U.S. Dept. of Agriculture (USDA); USDA/ Economic Research Services; and USDA/ U. S. Forest Service.

K.J. received her BA degree in Psychology and International Business from Metropolitan State University of Denver, Colorado, and an Executive Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Denver.

Sample Projects:

  • Shared Drive Restructuring. K.J. assisted with re-organization of the shared drive computer files within a large government agency based out of Washington DC. Her work included working with a team from the agency to develop the initial shared drive re-structure process, file hierarchy, along with development of record management guidelines and naming conventions. She developed a specific training for this shared drive re-structure for more than 200 project managers.
    This project resulted in easy access and filing of important records and documents agency wide, and enabled transition of information to be migrated to cloud-based system.
  • Organizational Assessments. K.J. conducted organizational assessments within departments for a national food chain. In reviewing the organizational challenges of the communication and information infrastructure, a detailed plan was created to improve the processes and procedures of the department and company. Implementation of the plan was conducted by Ms. McCorry and employees.
    This project resulted in reduced time for employees in multiple processes, quicker access for information, and helped streamline communications within the company.
  • Paperless Office. K.J. assisted in developing a plan for an organization to reduce their paper records and move all information and records electronically. She worked with key staff on understanding paper and information flow in order to save files and documents using current technology.
    This process enabled the company to go completely paperless in managing their records.