Jake Norton

Jake Norton

Motivational Speaker, Mountain Climber, and Photographer

Travels from:

Golden, Colorado

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When most people hear about Jake Norton's background, they are amazed by what he has accomplished in his young life.

A climber since 1986 and guide since 1993, Jake has traveled the world helping people reach the summits of their dreams.

By the time he was 35 years old, Jake had already spent over a year of his life on Mount Everest on 6 expeditions with 3 summits of the mountain.

He had also:

  • helped discover the remains of George Mallory on Everest in 1999
  • become the first person to visit and document all the pre-World War II camps on Everest
  • retraced the famous 1917 crossing of South Georgia Island by Sir Ernest Shackleton
  • led the first official American ascent of 25,502-foot Gurla Mandhata in Tibet
  • climbed four of the famed Seven Summits (Everest three times, McKinley once, Aconcagua once, and Kilimanjaro three times)
  • completed over 20 expeditions to Nepal & Tibet
  • led five expeditions to the Peruvian Andes
  • and reached the summit of Mount Rainier an amazing 89 times!

Aside from climbing, Jake has accomplished great things in his career as a professional photographer. Working for prestigious media outlets such as Discovery, PBS/NOVA, BBC, Channel-4, and the Outdoor Life Network, Jake has covered assignments in South Africa, Costa Rica, Iceland, Nepal, Tibet, and throughout the USA. His photographic work has been published in Outside Magazine, National Geographic Adventure, Men's Journal, Vanity Fair, Forbes, and countless other national and international publications, and has also been used in major ad campaigns by Toyota and Ford. Jake currently works as the primary photographer for the First Ascent line of technical clothing from Eddie Bauer, and is also an athlete on the First Ascent team.

Jake began speaking professionally in 1999, and immediately found he enjoyed it...and, more importantly, so did his clients! Jake’s low-key manner, breathtaking presentations, sincerity, and vital messages which we can all apply to our lives, have made him a hit with clients ranging from the top producers for ING to senior executives at Ford Motor Company.

Jake also makes a special point of giving back to our community and the world. He is proud to serve on the International Advisory Committee for The Mountain Institute, and as Director of the American Mountaineering Museum. He is also a partner of Colorado PTA and actively supports Educate the Children, Water for People, the American Himalayan Foundation, dZi Foundation, Love Hope Strength Foundation, and many other nonprofit organizations.