Steve Ouellette

Steve Ouellette

Business Management, Six Sigma Training

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Denver, Colorado

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Steve Ouellette is owner and president of a company that develops, teaches, customizes, and implements cutting-edge technology in the areas of business management and industrial statistics with the express purpose of making measurable, bottom-line improvements with clients. This is accomplished by helping organizations achieve Business Performance Excellence (BPESM), a maximum operating level of profitability, using business technologies such as Six Sigma and other management and statistics training technologies.

Steve is also Chief Consultant at the Center for Business Performance Improvement (CBPI) through the University of Colorado's Engineering Management Program, in which he creates and customizes onsite and distance training and consulting on topics such as ethical decision making, strategic planning, and the use of data in business.

Steve earned a Bachelor's of Science degree as a Metallurgical and Materials Science Engineer at the Colorado School of Mines. He also earned a minor in the Guy T. McBride Honors Program in Public Affairs for Engineers. After graduation, he was honored with a Thomas J. Watson Fellowship and spent a year in Europe studying the "Evolution, Fabrication, and Social Impact of the European Sword." Upon completion of the Fellowship, he began working for Alcoa and achieved the rank of Senior Metallurgical Engineer. During his time at Alcoa, he was trained in the Quality Sciences by Luftig & Warren International (LWI) consultants.

Eventually, Steve joined LWI and worked there for six years in a variety of industries, including primary metals extraction and manufacture, baking, distribution, assembly, and auto parts manufacturing, among others. During this time, he became an expert in both the realistic application and the intelligible teaching of a number of advanced business and statistical tools. He was principal in developing the Six Sigma materials for LWI. He has also received a Black Belt from Motorola University, a Master Black Belt from LWI, and a Master of Science in Engineering Management from the University of Colorado.

In addition to his duties at his own company and CBPI, he is an instructor at the Lockheed Martin Engineering Management Program at the University of Colorado, and acts as an Advisory Board Member to Orion Registrar. He also writes a monthly feature article for InsideSixSigma called The Six Sigma Heretic.

  • ASQ Certified Quality Engineer
  • Certified Quality Auditor
  • Six Sigma Black Belt from Motorola University
  • Six Sigma Master Black Belt from LWI