Cynthia Paine

Cynthia Paine

Organizational Development and Performance Management Consulting

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Chandler, Arizona

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Cynthia Paine, MA, is well versed in human nature, and is able to use her keen abilities to focus on task and process as well as translate clients' ideas into viable projects. An applied background in social science, psychology, and communication ground Cynthia's practice in organizational development and performance management consulting. Leading change in healthcare organizations for more than fifteen years inspired her to expand her career focus to all business and industry.

Exceptional listening skills have helped Cynthia partner with many clients to improve performance, transform cultures, and increase functionality with emerging leaders and executive teams. She has worked with hundreds of employees on numerous organizational levels and business units, such as operations, human resources, customer support, quality improvement, finance, and engineering.

Capitalizing on her tactical and relational mindset, Cynthia assists clients to increase profits, improve organization and management of practice, increase effectiveness in meeting business goals, and refine staff selection and performance. She has helped companies implement management, leadership, and followership competencies. Drawing from expertise in organizational assessment, change management, team facilitation, management and leadership development, and strategic planning, she provides a wide range of training and consulting services.

Cynthia is a graduate of MSEC Organization Development Certification Program, and has a Masters of Arts degree in Communication/Mass Media. She has consulted in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. Cynthia is a certified trainer for The Leadership Challenge© by the Tom Peters Company. She remains active in academics, serving as adjunct faculty for Kennedy-Western University, teaching courses in health administration and human resource management.

Cynthia has designed numerous programs for her clients, including Managing vs. Leading, Change and Transition Management, Leadership Vision and Voice, Generational Differences in the Workforce, Followership, Working With Teams, Fundamentals of Human Behavior, Gender Differences in Communication, and The Real World: Working With Real People. Cynthia is best known for her emphasis on the relational aspects of the workplace. You will often hear her say, "It's all about the people."

Sample Projects:

  • Process Improvement: Decrease in Accounts Receivable Days. Cynthia consulted with a small business office team to positively impact cash flow through decreasing A/R days. The project included interventions of assessment, setting and measurement of goals, bench marking to industry standards, team building, process improvement facilitation, coaching the department manager on organizational structure/feedback/relationship building, and training on inter- and intra-departmental communication skills.
    As a result of this partnership, the company accomplished an increase of $2.4 million in one month's account receivables, which they were able to sustain and increase over time. The team cites increased team functionality and clarity of focus on business outcomes. At contract end, the department manager writes: "Could the changes that we've made in the last eight months come about without your help? No. Could we have continued to operate with the old mindset and practices? Not for very long. We needed you to help us grow as people, as well as pick up some job skills along the way. Could I have moved any of this without your help? Absolutely not."
  • Organizational Initiative: Leadership Development. This project was the result of the organization's desire to launch an Organization Leadership Initiative. Initial interventions were internal assessments accomplished with the use of survey instruments, 1:1 interviews, and focus groups. Subsequent interventions were the creation of a training plan that included leadership and management training programs, contracting with a leading commercial leadership training vendor, and development of the internal management academy. A third intervention was a spin-off creation of the internal "Followership" program, offered to all employees (1300 +).
    This leadership initiative resulted in over 100 managers being trained in leadership and management skills. One hundred process improvement projects launched across the organization in areas of customer service, quality improvement, cost savings, and improved human relations. All three programs - leadership, management, followership - continue to be offered, three years after its implementation.
Areas of Expertise
  • Change initiatives
  • Leadership development
  • Managing organizational change
  • Nonprofit board development
  • Organizational culture and development
  • Strategic planning
  • Team development
  • Change & Transition Management: Managing the Winds of Change Without Getting Blown Away
  • Constructive Feedback: How to Give & Receive
  • The Five Dysfunctions of a Team© (Based on the Work of Patrick Lencioni, Author)
  • Certifications
    • The Leadership Challenge© certified trainer by the Tom Peters Company