Business Writing Training

learn to write business proposals in one of our business writing training programs

You know that good writing is good business. Every written message either brings in more business, creates a relationship with a client OR turns off a prospect, even a current customer!

With business moving at the speed of light, learning how to increase the effectiveness of all your written communications and reduce your writing time is essential. From emails to reports to proposals, you will gain the confidence and skills needed to write compelling, effective business documents every time! The goal of this course—completely tailored to your needs—is to take writing skills to the next level of mastery so that business initiatives accelerates and your performance increases.

Zoe's business writing programs are designed for all levels of participants: executives, management-level personnel, and employees.

Upon completion of the program, participants will be able to:

  • Streamline the writing process
  • Write reader-centered writing
  • Eliminate overworked and tired phrasing
  • Write with clarity and conciseness
  • Increase productivity and decrease rework
  • Polish professional image
  • Write compelling client documents for results
  • Apply email best practices

E- Learning: Online Writing Courses

Interactive and self-paced, our online writing courses guide you to better writing!

These dynamic online writing courses reduce training time while delivering high-impact content. Writers learn new skills with speed, and eliminate skill gaps. The value-add? Our certified writing coaches give individualized and personalized written feedback on the final uploaded online course assignment.

No matter which course is taken, all incorporate timesaving techniques and are aimed at making writing easy, logical, and fun. And, to help retain the techniques learned, each participant receives writing tips via email upon course completion.

Components to our online writing courses:

  • Individualized, real-time feedback on final assignment(s) via email from one of our certified writing coaches
  • All login, password, and expiration date information is sent via email
  • Final assignment feedback letter sent user
  • Flexibility regarding expiration date of days, weeks, or months
  • Certificate of Completion included
  • Free e-newsletter to keep current on writing techniques

Course titles:

  • Business Writing That Counts!
  • Idea Mapping: Your Shortest Route to Fast, Effective Writing
  • Take Your Writing to the Next Level
  • Email Writing That Counts!
  • Punctuation That Counts!
  • Grammar That Counts!

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