Career Development Training

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Our career development training programs provide employees with the necessary knowledge and skills, and a greater sense of personal responsibility, for managing their career development so that they can increase job satisfaction and effectiveness, and make their best contribution to the organization.

Participants will be able to:

  • Apply the career-planning process to their own situation
  • Conduct a comprehensive self-assessment that will identify and prioritize their values, interests, personality, skills, and future job objectives
  • Integrate their priorities from the assessment into a focused and realistic career goal
  • Research the organization's needs and employment opportunities that most closely match their career goal criteria
  • Work in partnership with their managers in setting and achieving career goals
  • Develop a professional development plan by identifying educational and job assignment opportunities that will build on their strengths and address weaknesses so they can achieve their goals
  • Think and act responsibly and strategically in partnership with management to market themselves for targeted jobs
  • Manage their stress and health so they can perform better and be effective in the context of organizational change

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