Change Management Training

change management training as depicted by tree undergoing changing seasons

How can organizations be even more resilient when the waves of change keep washing up on your shoreline?

When we stretch out of our comfort zones and take calculated risks we learn and grow. Most of us want to learn and grow at our own pace - however, corporations are pushing us faster and harder than ever before.

Our change management training programs are designed to actively involve participants in understanding and being able to bounce back from all the changes going on in their organizations. Specific change management training sessions also provide specific communication techniques and strategies to help them influence their supervisors and managers to lead more effectively during periods of workplace change.

Participants will be able to:

  • Understand the human side of change – also known as personal transition
  • Learn how to manage their own transition process to be more resilient
  • Compare, learn, and apply effective tips and strategies to feel more comfortable or secure with both change and transition
  • Develop an individual personal plan of action to enhance resilience
  • Clarify how they can support others through change
  • Discover what they can control – even when they feel out of control
  • Apply effective communication strategies and techniques for helping their supervisors and managers give them the correct type of leadership for their current stage of performance

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