Conflict Management Training

bridging the gap with conflict management training

Every time a conflict or misunderstanding goes unresolved, energy on the job gets distracted from the work at hand.  Studies have shown that managers and personnel spend anywhere from 24-49 percent of their time managing conflict and they indicated that the need to manage conflict better and more effectively is rising.

The skills to manage interactions at work and home are becoming more valuable every day.  As businesses rely more heavily on “people” skills, personnel need to know they can handle tough situations with confidence.  Wherever your people encounter conflict, you want them to be prepared.

The primary goal of our conflict management training programs is to provide a skills–base to assist people to influence their interactions and manage the process of problem solving with others and to develop a conflict–positive organization.  The focus is on behaviors and perceptions at all levels, how people affect others, and how people can influence those perceptions for maximum effectiveness.  Participants will identify their own conflict management style and its strengths and weaknesses and will use case studies for practical application.

Participants in our conflict management training programs will be able to:

  • Examine, identify, and diagnose sources of conflict
  • Increase individual awareness of conflict issues
  • Explore and develop various responses to conflict
  • Understand the strengths and weaknesses of their individual conflict management style and appropriate application of the styles
  • Use the skills necessary to build a conflict–positive organization with a win/win, collaborative mentality
  • Identify and practice possible responses to conflict

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