Diversity in the Workplace Training

diversity in the workplace training as depicted by a graphic that shows a globe surrounded by people

Nationwide, diversity in the workplace initiatives are becoming more commonplace as organizations accept the challenges and opportunities that society's changing demographics provides.

Participants in our diversity in the workplace training programs are invited to participate in a supportive, encouraging environment to express their best ideas about building and maintaining a diverse workforce. If everyone in the workplace feels included in these conversations, more productive outcomes will emerge for the total organization.

Participants will be able to:

  • Understand how demographics are changing the face of the workplace and define diversity in all its dimensions
  • Understand why workplace diversity initiatives are important and common
  • Identify employee differences and how those differences can contribute to a vital, energetic, and productive workplace
  • Value employee differences and learn ways to manage those differences so that they do not become conflictual
  • Identify strategies for building and maintaining a diverse workforce
  • Improve communication between diverse employees as well as encouraging structural changes in the workplace that create effective communications among diverse employees

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