Strategic Partners

Our partners provide services that complement or go beyond our existing offerings to better assist individuals and organizations in maximizing positive change results, increasing task-related skills, improving collaboration, and implementing new technology.

The Judge Group

The Judge GroupThe Judge Group specializes in providing IT training solutions ranging from the commonplace to the obscure topics other vendors might not be able to support, or where the only option in the past has been to go directly to the manufacturer.

Whether you need to develop systems engineers, software developers, database administrators, or end users, Judge can develop a training strategy that will increase productivity, reduce costs, and streamline work flow. 

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Inclusion Training

Inclusion AcademyInclusion Training Academy is committed to providing new, innovative, and interactive workshops on inclusion. Their methods of inclusion training involve development of employees to sustain a healthy, respectful workplace so that everyone feels included and are empowered to contribute significantly to the bottom-line.

Inclusion Training Academy works with organizations specifically to develop high-level inclusion competencies, excel during change and growth, manage conflict more successfully, collaborate more effectively, improve customer relations (internal and external), avoid communication pitfalls, empower employees and foster teamwork, maintain a respectful and inclusive workplace, improve performance, and create a competitive advantage.

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Employee Engagement, Culture and Leadership 360 Surveys

NewmeasuresNewmeasures surveys are simple, effective survey instruments used to help organizations thrive in an environment that fosters workplace satisfaction, retention, and ultimately greater profits.

Four survey products are offered:

  1. The Employee Engagement Survey, which measures engagement and addresses the four mission accelerators (culture, leadership, team performance, individual alignment);

  2. The Culture Building Survey, which gives insight into: Where there are similarities or differences in the perception of culture by groups (i.e., leadership compared to employees; two merging organizations) Cultural strengths and opportunities What drivers of culture are most important to achieving strategic objectives How to take action to have the biggest impact;

  3. The Leadership Development Survey, which provides leaders with a 360-degree view of their performance by gathering feedback from the individual, supervisor, peers, and direct reports;

  4. The Custom Survey Design can assist in these tasks and more: hone in on a specific topic such as recognition, diversity, communication or teamwork; conduct a "pulse" survey to check-in on a critical topic; evaluate the effectiveness of a new program or initiative; or check-in on various points in the employee life cycle (onboarding, post-training, exit).

Newmeasures uses best-in-class technology to make data collection simple, quick, and easy. Survey reports are provided online, easy to customize, and available in real-time - data is available online as soon as the survey closes. Once data are collected, consultants are available to help your organization take action.

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Virtual Collaboration

Lighthouse ConsultingLighthouse Consulting Partners is a global provider of training solutions for organizations collaborating in a virtual environment and across geographical boundaries.

LCP focuses on helping technical and operations departments manage relationships with internal customers, distributed and offshore resources, and vendor partners. Our scope of services range from hands-on coaching and consulting to best practice based workshops, depending on our clients needs. We help our clients to improve their processes, utilize technologies, and enhance their communication skills so that they can better translate business needs into valuable solutions.

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