Ten Hot Topics in Training

It’s summer and the temperatures are hot, hot, hot!

In honor of the record temperatures we’ve been seeing recently we wanted to share the answer to one of the most frequent questions we get asked—What are the hot topics in training these days?

Here are some of the top programs we are seeing our clients implement in 2014:

  1. Conflict Management & Negotiation – These important skills go hand in hand both within teams/organizations and with external partners/customers.
  2. Leading Change – Organizations must be able to embrace change and implement new initiatives at all levels, from individual contributors to executives.
  3. Coaching & Giving Feedback – This is a critical management skill for both ongoing relationships and for performance-review specific meetings.
  4. Emotional Intelligence – EQ plays a critical role in individual and team success.
  5. Respectful Work Environment – Harassment prevention and broader diversity awareness can help avoid negative situations and build stronger teams.
  6. Project Management for Non-Project Managers – Team leads and project leads need these skills even if they aren’t formally serving in a project manager role.
  7. Time Management/Productivity – Managing multiple priorities effectively using both technology and organizational skills is a must.
  8. Strategic Planning/Visioning – Zoe can facilitate a working session for your team as well as teach these critical forward-looking skills.
  9. Business Writing – Improved efficiency and reduced errors for emails and other documents translates into less time writing with better results.
  10. DiSC, Emergenetics, MBTI, StrengthsFinder – Identifying behavioral styles and preferences can help improve team communications and improve outcomes.

If any of these sound like a fit for your organization, contact us to discuss your situation!