Communication Skills Training Topics

How well does your team communicate? Harvard Business Review notes that communication “plays a critical role in building successful teams”—in fact, communication patterns are the most important predictor of a team’s success. A team that communicates well will almost always outperform a team that struggles to communicate.

How can you help your team to communicate better?

Since 1983, Zoe Training & Consulting has partnered with many U.S. businesses to provide the highest quality skills-based training. Participants in our programs gain a better understand of how clearly they communicate and how well they listen. They’ll leave with valuable tools, tips and techniques for immediate improvement of their communication skills. The result is a stronger, more harmonious and more productive team, whether your team is in product development or customer service. Learn why effective communicating in the workplace is so important and how Zoe Training Workshops can help.


Why Should You Choose Zoe Training & Consulting?

Our extensive experience in the human resource field makes us uniquely qualified to understand the needs of today’s businesses. There is tremendous value in a workforce that’s well-informed, with the necessary interpersonal skills to advance and thrive in a challenging work environment. In the area of communication skills training, we offer lessons in Active Listening, Office Etiquette, Fundamental Skills for Managers and Supervisors, Digital Communication, Business Writing Training, Giving Effective Feedback, Collaborative Skills, Social Networking and much more. There’s a reason our communication skills trainings are some of our most requested trainings.

With more than 30 trainers, consultants and speakers, we offer custom designed programs to advance personnel development and meet the unique needs of your organization. These professionals have gone through a rigorous vetting process to ensure the highest levels of knowledge, professionalism and effectiveness in presentation. Zoe is a comprehensive professional training center, with everything you need to equip your employees for today’s workplace. We provide exceptional value and convenience, quality assurance and a commitment to the long-term success of your business enterprise. Read our client success stories.


Why Are Good Communication Skills Important?

For a business to be successful, employees must understand their tasks and what is expected of them. They must also be given the opportunity for improvement and the right kind of encouragement.  Managers must be able to provide employees with constructive feedback. Team members must successfully interact with each other to operate as a cohesive group. Those who represent the company to the public must be able to communicate effectively, which directly relates to their presentation skills.

And yet, studies suggest a massive breakdown in office communication. According to a report by Inc. Magazine, 57 percent of survey respondents said that they were not given clear instructions by their managers, and more than half said that their superiors would not even speak with them about their work. On the other side of the equation, 69 percent of managers said that they were uncomfortable giving feedback to their workers. This suggests a strong need for effective communication training programs.


What Constitutes Effective Communication Skills?

According to Fast Company, the most important business communication skills are showing respect, active listening, positive body language, a willingness to ask questions, understanding email etiquette, being open-minded and the ability to provide feedback. Other important skills for communicating are clarity and conciseness, friendliness, confidence, empathy and choosing the best medium for the situation. Some are not as simple as they sound. Active listening, for example, takes a while to master. Many people believe they’re listening carefully, but their attention is scattered, so they might not retain important information.

Zoe Professional Training addresses these critical topics in our communication and presentation skills training courses, which are practical, hands-on workshops.


What Do Zoe Communication Training Programs Include?

There are dozens of Zoe programs to improve communication. Depending on the topic, these instructor-led workshops may combine lectures, discussions, exercises, skill practice sessions and action planning.

Upon completion of our communication skills courses, your employees will be able to:

  • Use tools and techniques to better connect with others and retain more from conversations
  • Overcome obstacles to listening and send/receive clear, accurate messages
  • Actively listen to and understand what others say
  • Manage both internal and external distractions that can interfere with communication
  • Learn how to recognize non-verbal behaviors that further clarify what others are saying

Contact Zoe Training & Consulting for more information and to create a custom program to fit the needs of your company, for enhanced internal communication and improved productivity.