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Corporate Leadership Training In the Age of COVID-19

With COVID-19 having changed the way we do business, many organizations are looking for a format for corporate leadership training that goes beyond traditional in-person training. In order to accommodate each organization’s unique needs, we’re proud to offer every corporate leadership training in 3 formats:


Our Corporate Leadership Training

You can’t overemphasize the value of strong leadership for an organization. Not only do leaders provide the vision and direction behind your operation, but they also serve as an example for other employees to follow. Whether you are involved with a business, corporation, or government group, investing time into proper training for your leaders is a wise investment in your operation’s future.

In today’s world, corporations and government agencies alike struggle to create environments where leaders thrive. These conditions underpin problems with businesses and operations with low engagement and high employee turnover. But luckily, such issues are solvable with proper leadership development.

A third-party corporate leadership training firm like Zoe can be a serious asset to your organization on several fronts. Not only will we help you protect your investment in human capital, but we will also help save your organization time and money on developing employees. In helping your managers see their jobs in a “fresh light” we promote a trickle-down effect of positivity and energy throughout your organization.

What Should be Included in Leadership Training?

There are key elements that must be included in effective corporate leadership development. To this end, effective training programs should be founded on the cornerstones of thinking, communication, planning, and coaching. To complement these core elements, Zoe Training integrates a blended approach to learning within our curriculum. Our methods are designed specifically for the needs of your leaders as well as your established corporate leadership training program.

At Zoe Training, we go the extra mile to ensure your executives get everything they need. This process begins with a fun and interactive learning experience in our leadership development programs. Zoe Training also employs real-world scenarios that will better prepare your leaders for the challenges of their jobs. Often, these platforms are comprised of customized curricula that work on step-by-step skill enhancement for your organization’s members. Finally, on the operational side of things, our corporate leadership training programs are designed with convenience in mind. They reduce the time required for people to be away from their jobs and are affordable for most organizations.

Zoe Training can also educate your leaders on the technological advancements of today. As the globe quickly adopts new technologies at home and at work, these technologies shape the way that leaders learn and develop. To help ensure your operation is 100% up-to-speed in its given field, we employ the latest technologies in our leadership program. 


It’s often said that you should think before you act. In no place is this credo more applicable than within the realm of leadership. Looking at both high-level executive leadership and powerful politicians, those who don’t carefully calculate their actions quickly run into trouble. Therefore, a solid corporate leadership training program always includes critical thinking exercises.

Several Zoe Training courses focus on enhancing effective thinking for leaders. Of these, Conflict Resolution training works to create better outcomes by changing thought patterns and subsequent negative behaviors. We help individuals develop more productive thought patterns that will be utilized in their careers and then shared within your organization.


It cannot be denied that effective communication is critical to healthy relationships, at home as well as at work. As such, if you are unable to communicate your needs to your co-workers, it can quickly hinder the overall performance of the operation and create challenges.

The digital era has also ushered in entirely novel forms of business communication. Corporations, businesses, and government agencies alike increasingly depend on new technologies to communicate inside and outside of their operations. Yet, many executives and leaders still fail to understand the proper etiquette for communicating through such digital mediums as email, text message, and social media.

At Zoe Training, we recommend our High-Impact Leadership Skills course for those needing to further develop their leadership communication. In this class, we teach people how to be assertive, as well as motivate their team in the most constructive ways possible.


An effective leadership team develops value in an organization from the top down. Therefore, it is up to managers and executives to create a roadmap to success for others to pursue with their careers. Similarly, they must devise the methods for following this path. As such, effective planning is a vital leadership skill that will help your organization create actionable milestones and goals.

Zoe Training offers a course titled Creating a Peak Performance Team that emphasizes careful planning within employee development. In this innovative course, managers and executives learn to strategically plan their organizations to improve teamwork and overall productivity. This process promotes a fruitful dialogue between training, building teams, and behavior modeling.


There are certain ways to engage teams that maximize the overall productivity of an organization. The best coaches in the world help team members realize their potential through effective mentoring. Whether it be in professional sports or entertainment, many of the stars we admire today would not be known without exceptional coaches. As such, teaching your leaders how to properly motivate employees will drastically improve the overall productivity of your organization.

At Zoe Training, we recommend our Leadership & Followership: Building Stronger Supervisor/Employee Relationships program for those interested in developing their coaching skills. This innovative platform focuses on helping leaders and employees better understand the needs of other people in the workplace.

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Are Leadership Development Programs Worth It?

Improperly trained employees can be very costly for an organization. This fact is compounded when you consider the reverberations that leadership has throughout a business, corporation, or agency. Unfortunately, poorly trained or unqualified leaders are capable of quickly misguiding an operation to the point of error, and sometimes failure.

When leaders become uninspired and internal communication begins to break down, it can be next to impossible to establish passion, vitality, and productivity with an operation. Therefore, going the extra mile with a 3rd party vendor like Zoe Training will help ensure the health and longevity of your operation.

At Zoe Training, we designed our corporate leadership development platform specifically for topics requested by leading organizations throughout the world. Within these offerings, we customize each module to ensure they work seamlessly within your organization. In the end, our corporate leadership training programs should feel like an extension of your organization’s established learning and development protocols.

More than anything, Zoe Training believes that successful leaders must feel inspired. To this end, once a leader generates true passion for his or her job, this energy is immediately spread throughout an organization. By focusing on inspired corporate leadership development, Zoe Training will help reinvigorate your organization from the top down.

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Program Overviews

Management team working

The Building Blocks of Management: Fundamental Skills for Managers & Supervisors

Effective managers understand how to apply a variety of skills, tools, and resources as needed to be successful. Whether it’s working together with employees to establish goals and expectations, motivating through coaching, feedback, and recognition, or adjusting to the added pressure and constraints of the management role, a manager must be comfortable wearing many hats. Throughout this program, managers will assess their current effectiveness, identify areas for improvement, and develop action plans for success..

Woman coaching man

Coaching Secrets for Leaders

The skill of effectively coaching employees is essential to a leader’s ability to help people develop their full potential and motivate them to contribute at their highest level. It is important to cultivate mindfulness and the ability to meet the individual where they are when in a coaching relationship. This means being aware of individual nuances including personality styles, personal perspectives, intentions versus perceptions, and career or personal goals and expectations. This practical, interactive workshop is designed to give leaders hands-on experience using coaching techniques in their work.

Management team in office

Creating a Peak Performance Team

Globalization…downsizing…flatter organization charts…total quality management…shortened response time… diversity in the workforce…commitment to internal and external customers…  These are the dominant factors that are leading most organizations toward higher levels of employee involvement and empowerment — giving teams of workers more authority and responsibility for the quality and quantity of their output. The results of these team building efforts are measurable, even remarkable, as teams reach goals together that as individuals they wouldn’t have imagined possible to achieve.

Man and woman working in library

Emotional Intelligence

“A leader’s intelligence has to have a strong emotional component. He has to have high levels of self-awareness, maturity, and self-control. She must be able to withstand the heat, handle setbacks, and when those lucky moments arise, enjoy success with equal parts of joy and humility. No doubt emotional intelligence is more rare than book smarts, but my experience says it is actually more important in the making of a leader. You just can’t ignore it.”  – Jack Welch, former Chairman and CEO, General Electric Co.

Team in office

The Emotionally Intelligent Leader

Most people agree that you have to be smart to be successful.  However, research strongly indicates that traditional intelligence – as measured by IQ – is not enough.  In fact, one’s success often is determined by ability to engage and demonstrate emotionally intelligent (EI) behaviors. To that end, this course is designed to help participants build this critical skill through a highly interactive format that allows for immediate content application.

Woman working at computer

High-Impact Leadership Skills

This program takes participants beyond vague theory and fancy rhetoric; it gives them a clear, concise manageable process for improving their leadership skills. In the end, they will be given the tools to make them leaders who makes a powerful impact.

Leader speaking to follwers

Leadership & Followership: Building Stronger Supervisor/Employee Relationships

Without committed and engaged followers, leaders are doomed to failure.  But while most organizations offer some type of leadership training, few offer sessions on the other half of the relationship:  followership.
To that end, this practical workshop is designed to improve this crucial relationship by helping participants better understand and apply the skills necessary to achieve a true and effective leadership/followership partnership.  It does so through a highly interactive format that allows for immediate content application.

People working together at office table

Managing Organizational Change & Growth

Change is inevitable and our emotional reaction to change is real. How we manage and lead through change is a choice and a strategy.  When change occurs we have a choice regarding how we communicate it to others. This choice has a huge influence on where people stay stuck in the change process or if they move through change into a place of Exploration and Investment. This practical, hands-on workshop will provide supervisors and organizational leaders with communication tools to effectively lead through change to support the growth and success of the organization and its team members.