Leadership Training

Developing leaders at all levels is a necessity for the successful long-term viability of any organization today.

The importance of strong leadership within an organization becomes evident when you look at the impact it has on employee engagement and improved company culture. With companies facing a looming shortage due to a retirement boom, organizations are tuned into the increasing need for effective leadership development strategies to drive results.

Most organizations have a specific set of skills they consider necessary for their current and future leaders. Zoe Training collaborates with clients to custom design a series consisting of leadership training programs based on their specific skill needs that create a strong “talent pipeline” and enhance the future success of their leaders and the organizations they serve. There’s a reason our leadership trainings are some of our most requested trainings.

A key ingredient to the program’s success is the ability to make changes when the feedback warrants it.

Since 1995, Zoe has partnered with corporations and government agencies to create and provide successful Leadership Excellence training series. As a result of ongoing feedback, individual programs for client organizations are tailored and additional programs added as appropriate. Zoe Training works closely with the organizations to ensure that their needs are being met, and that high-quality training is being delivered that is valued by the students, their managers and departments, and the larger organization.

When a Leadership Excellence program was originally designed for one of Zoe Training’s clients, a Fortune 100 company, nine different classes were included and the topics were identified by the client’s training department. They chose to offer their customized program in numerous locations across the country over a six- to eight-month period for each location, with classes running about every three to four weeks. The client developed a comprehensive program specifically designed for high-potential employees who were not in managerial roles but selected or nominated by their managers or supervisors to participate in the Leadership Excellence program. This selection process, along with the feedback from employees who have been through the Leadership Excellence program, created a highly sought-after training series, which employees considered a privilege to participate in. Many employees in the program have been promoted, although a desire for positions in management is not a criteria. Many have taken the classes to become more effective leaders in their current positions and do not desire to move into management.

There are numerous ways in which participants can be acknowledged upon completion of a leadership series. Some organizations provide certificates during a graduation luncheon after participants attend a leadership-themed motivational keynote.

We offer comprehensive leadership training options.

Because we represent such a large cadre of training experts, we are able to offer a comprehensive series of leadership training programs to serve all our clients’ needs. The programs listed below are some of the training options that client organizations have chosen when developing a comprehensive Leadership Excellence series based on their development needs, with classes customized, added, or removed from the series. The series can be delivered on a recurring basis for both emerging and existing leaders to ensure a sustained talent pipeline at all levels.