Negotiation Skills Training

As the world becomes more complex, the ability to influence and to negotiate effectively is no longer a luxury – it is a necessity. Consequently, individuals at all levels of their organizations must be able to engage in principled negotiations (formal or informal) that lead to win-win agreements, while effectively balancing the engaged parties’ dual concerns of relationship and outcome.

Our negotiation skills training programs introduce participants to best practices in the field of influencing and negotiation skills – including the critical component of conflict management – then gives them opportunity to practice and apply those practices during roles plays and case studies.

Participants in our negotiation skills training programs will be able to:

  • Understand key differences between influencing, positional bargaining, and principled negotiation
  • Leverage individual negotiation style strengths and compensate for individual style weaknesses
  • Engage in effective influencing communication skills and apply best practices
  • Identify underlying sources of conflict and patterns of behaviors that create/worsen most conflicts
  • Deal more effectively with impasse and conflict during negotiations