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Six Common Causes of Poor Customer Service 

The Importance of Customer Service Sadly, we all have our own customer service horror stories. I have a few of my own, like the time I was on the phone with an agent for an online service who was helping me set up one of their features, but he didn’t know how to...

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The Core Practice of Active Listening

In her classic book, “Facilitating with Ease,” Ingrid Bens identified “active listening” as one of a dozen core practices for meeting facilitators. We believe “active listening” is one of the most important because so many of the other practices require active...

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Strategic Planning: Now Is the Time

What is strategic planning? And what do you need to know about the process to determine how a strategic plan would benefit your organization? How detailed do we need to be with the budgeting?  Strategic planning is a systematic process where you identify why your...

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