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Acquiring and Managing a Diverse Workforce

As the U.S. workforce becomes more and more diverse, being able to successfully recruit and manage a diverse workforce becomes ever more critical.  This session provides participants with information and skill-building opportunities in the following areas: Workforce...

Cultural Competency: More Than Flags, Foods, and Festivals

When we talk about being culturally competent, many of us think about “celebrating diversity.” What if there was more to it than that? What if you could start looking at the world with an eye towards being more aware, not only of other people but also of yourself?...

Respect and Inclusion in the Workplace: Supervisors’ Session

Creating and sustaining an inclusive, respectful work environment requires the active support of both the company and supervisors/managers. This workshop will focus on creating clarification as to what is an inclusive environment and what is not an inclusive...

Sexual Conduct in the Workplace

In comparison to other human resource issues, sexual conduct in the workplace is a particularly critical one because there are legal implications.  It is critical that employees know what constitutes sexual harassment, the organization’s policy regarding sexual...