Achieving Work/Life Balance

In today’s technology-oriented and fast-paced world it is very difficult to maintain a sense of work/life balance. Work seems to penetrate into after hours and on weekends resulting in the feeling of being overwhelmed, stressed and a general lack of enthusiasm for life. The American Institute of Stress claims that stress is American’s number one health problem with work being the major culprit. Today’s workers need clarity, skills and education on how to attain and maintain work/life balance.

This workshop will focus on how workers can gain more work/life balance. The first goal will be to help participants identify and clarify what work/life balance means to them. Then, through facilitated dialogue, participants will discuss the challenges and barriers that impede work/life balance.

In-depth instruction is provided on how participants can use their electronic productivity tools (i.e. Outlook) to support their work/life balance strategies. Participants will also learn how to set attainable goals, prioritize and manage interruptions and procrastination during their day. To support work/life effectiveness goals, participants will also learn how to prioritize and plan their day/week. Upon completion of the class each participant will develop commitments and an action plan.


  • Define work/life balance and how it applies to participants
  • Determine accountability triggers to support achieving work/life balance
  • Learn how to utilize Outlook and other time management tools more effectively
  • Discover how to prioritize incorporating work/life balance strategies
  • Acquire the time to get high-priority and high-value action items done
  • Maintain work/life balance through effective daily and weekly planning
  • Learn to manage interruptions successfully
  • Learn strategies to manage procrastination

2 hours – half day

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