Anti-Harassment and Discrimination Prevention

Employees play a critical role in the prevention of workplace discrimination, harassment and hostile work environments. Employees are in a position to see and hear workplace communications that, without intervention, could become harassment or eventually lead to a hostile workplace. Smart employers engage their supervisors and employees at every level – using compliance training as an opportunity to address issues early – before they turn into problems.

Are your supervisors and employees able to identify appropriate and inappropriate workplace behaviors? Do they know what to do when they see or hear them? Are your employees actively helping you to create a positive, respectful work environment?

Nine out of ten employers can expect to receive a hostile workplace complaint every year. Having equal employment opportunity and anti-harassment policies in place is not enough to prevent a complaint – which can cost employers both hard and soft dollars in absenteeism, employee morale, lack of engagement, and legal fees. In addition to having compliance policies in place, employers must train employees and supervisors with regular frequency on this important topic.

This informative training session can be customized for managers or non-supervisory employees, or it can be delivered to a mixed audience. The session includes exercises that help us uncover our unconscious biases and identify situations that might arise in a workplace. A follow-up draft letter that may be sent from leadership after participants have completed the workshop.

Learning Objectives:

  • What laws prohibit discrimination
  • Types of harassment and how to recognize them
  • Uncovering unconscious bias
  • Strategies to address inappropriate behaviors that could lead to illegal discrimination or harassment
  • EEOC guidelines
  • How to build a supportive culture

Time Frame:
One to two hours.

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