Understanding our own personal filters in terms of our thinking preferences and behavioral attributes and then developing the ability to effectively read the cues that other individuals provide to us about how they prefer to get information exponentially increases our ability to gather and deliver information in an effective manner.

Emergenetics provides a framework for the different filters people use when reviewing information:  For example, Analytical thinkers will prefer data, hard facts and research while Social thinkers need to relate to individuals on a more personal level, tending to be more sympathetic and empathetic.  If you attempt to communicate with an Analytical thinker in a Social way they won’t see that you “get” them. 

Because Emergenetics is built on four thinking and three behavioral attributes that every person has, the pre-workshop individual profile will provide you a picture that showcases exactly where you fall on the spectrum for each one. There is no such thing as a Red, Blue or Green Person…because while you may have a preference in a particular style of thinking, you also have a part of your brain that likes other ways of thinking.

There are a wide variety of personality profiles on the market…so why Emergenetics? What makes this assessment stand out from Myers-Briggs, DISC, Insights, Social Styles and others? On a foundational level it comes down to science—the Emergenetics Profile has the reliability, validity and normative data that puts it in an industry-leading position..

Objectives:  Upon completion of the program, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the four thinking attributes
  • Be aware of the three behavioral attributes
  • Enhance interpersonal communications and creative problem solving
  • Develop relationally intelligent leaders
  • Customize your approach to individual preferences and strengths


    • Analytical
    • Structural
    • Conceptual
    • Social
    • Expressiveness
    • Assertiveness
    • Flexibility
    • Understanding the variances which occur when combining different thinking preferences (an Analytical/Structural thinker is very different from an Analytical/Conceptual thinker)
    • Understand how your own attributes and preferences filter the way we give and receive information.
    • Recognize the clues and cues individuals provide to us that provide insight into their attributes and preferences.
    • Develop skills in working through our strengths to meet our co-workers, clients, and target populations where they need us to be
    • Communication differences and other common problems
    • Information gathering and Decision making
    • Transitioning from “barriers” to “strengths”
    • The pillars of common ground: respect, trust, loyalty & feedback

6 hours

Course workbook, individual Emergenetics assessment

NOTE: Participants will complete a pre-program individual Emergenetics assessment and receive their profile report during the session.  Participants must attend the session in order to receive their profile report.

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