Extended DiSC

For over 90 years, the DiSC Model has provided individuals with a common language and set of tools to communicate more effectively. This highly interactive and fun course will provide individuals a better understanding of their personal behavioral style. It will also include a snapshot of activities that give individuals energy and identify things that tend to drain them. It will explore practical ways to approach others who may act differently in certain circumstances.

By bridging the communication gap through DiSC, individuals and teams will be able to reduce conflict, increase performance, and deliver greater results.

Sample Agenda:

  • Module 1: The 4 main human behavioral styles (D – I – S – C)
  • Module 2: Who you are and how others perceive you
  • Module 3: How to read other people and better understand them
  • Module 4: How to adjust your communication style to achieve your goals


Half to full day

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