Why Can’t We All Just Get Along? Building & Maintaining a Respectful Workplace

The workplace can be a place of safety, hospitality, and respect–or hostility, intimidation, and harassment. Even though wanting everyone to get along is the first step to building and maintaining a respectful workplace, more than wanting is required.

Employees must first understand workplace policies that promote safety and prohibit harassment based on difference.  They must also be given the tools to manage what appear to be the minor irritations of the workday and turn them into healthy interactions.  In addition, they must learn conflict management skills that maintain respectfulness rather than building further conflict, and have the opportunity to practice those skills in a safe environment in order to turn potential conflict into productivity.

If creating a safe, hospitable, and respectful work environment is your goal, then the proactive approach to understanding difference and managing conflict of this training is a must.

Objectives:  Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Understand what safety, hospitality and respect mean and the workplace policies in effect that prompt them
  • Value employee diversity and how differences can contribute to a harassment-filled or a respectful workplace
  • Employ conflict management tools appropriately in daily interactions to avoid conflict escalation
  • Identify conflict management skills that build and maintain a respectful workplace and use them appropriately
  • Foster a more safe, hospitable and respectful workplace

Sample Agenda:

  • Using mini-lectures, define diversity and the respectful workplace
  • Using interactive exercises, emphasize the importance of valuing differences
  • Using mini-lectures, emphasize the content and importance of anti-harassment policies
  • Using discussion, encourage a pro-active approach to workplace disagreements
  • Using interactive exercises, identify conflict management skills and tools that build and maintain a respectful workplace
  • Using small groups, encourage safe, hospitable, and respectful interactions

2 hours to half day

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