Your Attitude Is Your Suit of Armor!

Did you know that a positive attitude is NOT always your best choice? In fact, most of the time it just makes your stress go up! And no, a negative attitude isn’t going to work either. Here’s the secret most people don’t know: Recent research has discovered a third choice – and that’s what this workshop gives you. Presented in a practical and humorous style, participants reflect, laugh, learn, and leave with practical ideas to apply immediately.
Objectives:  Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Manage their attitude to make the most out of their professional and personal lives
  • Stay productive regardless of external conditions
  • Identify practical steps to a more positive attitude
  • Reduce stress, increase confidence and self-esteem

Sample Agenda:

  • One surprising fact about your attitude and your stress
  • How attitude depends on your internal and external environment
  • A quick way to build confidence
  • Benefits of a positive attitude
  • How a positive attitude promotes health and career success
  • How a neutral attitude can help you under certain conditions
  • Practical ideas to get out of a mental rut
  • How healthy pleasures protect a positive attitude
  • How to adjust your attitude in a positive direction

Half day

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