Communication Skills Training

speech bubbles - communication skills training for improved listening and clearer interactions

How clearly do you communicate? When you speak, what do people hear? How keenly do you listen and take in what others are saying? The average person listens for less than a minute before becoming distracted. While others are talking we're planning our response or our next vacation. Often we ask people to repeat themselves or we go back to our desks wishing that: 1) we'd listened more carefully; or 2) others were clearer in stating their expectations.

Communication skills training is one of our most in-demand training topics. Participants in our communication skills training programs gain a better understanding of how well they listen and how clearly they communicate, and they'll walk away with tips and techniques for immediate improvement of their communication skills.

Participants will be able to:

  • Utilize communication tools and techniques to better connect with others and get more out of their interactions
  • Overcome listening roadblocks and send/receive clear and accurate messages
  • Actively listen to and understand what others say
  • Manage internal and external distractions that can interfere with communication
  • Learn how to recognize non-verbal behaviors that can tell a lot about what others are communicating

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