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Blended Learning Solutions

With COVID-19 having changed the way we do business; many organizations are looking for a format for trainings that goes beyond traditional in-person training. 

Zoe customers consider us a cost-effective extension of their own training department. 

New technologies and processes have emerged that are shaping the way leaders learn and grow. Organizations are faced with limited budgets and time to even prepare their people for the constant changing conditions. These conditions are causing two of the biggest problems facing organizations today: high turnover and low engagement. 

Keep team members inspired is difficult enough, but how do companies keep leaders motivated and prepared to face the constantly changing concerns in the organizations? Our blended learning solutions are designed to optimize the learning process. 

Our inside-out approach not only improves performance, but provides participants with a fresh approach to learning in an authentic way.

“The Things I am aware of I can control. The things I am unaware of control me.” 
– John Whitmore 

Note: Blended Learning is using a combination of delivery methods to best suit the budget and time constraints organizations face

Our programs include tools to: 

  • Optimize fun and interaction 
  • Real-world practice and examples 
  • Convenience for the learner — Provides solutions when you need them 
  • Customized curriculum that balances principles and step-by-step skills 
  • Reducing time away from the job and business needs 
  • Offers the latest technologies and adult learning principles combined 
  • Affordability