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Live Virtual Webinars

With COVID-19 having changed the way we do business, many organizations are looking for a format for trainings that goes beyond traditional in-person training.  

Also known as web conferencing, participants can get expert interactive seminars delivered right to their desktop through the use of web-based technology.

Using their web browser, Internet connection, and telephone, they can attend live webinar classes offered by Zoe’s online professionals. Interactive webinars allow participants to ask the presenter questions and get live, real-time answers. 

The majority of our classroom-based workshops can be delivered in a Webinar format as a stand-alone session or as a series. 


  • Cost effective: Eliminate travel costs and lost productivity 
  • Convenient and accessible: Reach a larger audience through the use of readily-available, cross-platform technology; also, webinars can be recorded and played back for attendees who are unable to attend the live presentation 
  • Value-based: Access leading-edge, comprehensive and expert information 
  • Engaging: Participants can interact with presenter for optimum learning