Zoe Training

Client Success Stories


“Superb from start to finish. 

Our 45 year old company has recently experienced some shifts in leadership, and we were looking for a way to better communicate and understand each other. We sent an inquiry to Zoe Training and received a quick response. After a consultation, we decided to start with DISC training for our Senior Leadership Team. I expressed my concerns, as the team is very stubborn and I was worried about conflicting attitudes and a lack of engagement. David assured me that this would not be an issue, as he has years of experience dealing with diverse/difficult teams. He came to Breckenridge, CO and delivered an in-person, half-day training, which blew everyone away! The level of engagement he was able to attain from the group was amazing, and they were left wanting more. David also provided great follow up tools, which gave the team continued support. We will be using them again in the future. 5/5, Recommend!!!”  


Snow Bridge Inc


“The City of Grove City in 2018 was in search of a complete and dynamic training program to assist us developing our associates and strengthening our organization. We found so much more in Zoe International’s proposed program. The variety of course work and talented presenters placed us on a path of real associate growth and development. Zoe helped make us a learning and collaborative culture.”


City of Grove City, Ohio


“Thanks so much for making yesterday’s training available to city supervisors.  The workshop presenter was funny, engaging and very relatable; I usually find myself restless after 45 minutes of sitting, but was riveted yesterday.     

My only wish, that all of the RecSchool teachers had the opportunity to attend, since emotional health is also at the core of our work with young children.  And leadership happens within all relationships at some time or another, even among peers.  Emotionally healthy employees makes for an supportive, dynamic workplace.” 


Grove City Parks and Recreation


“We had the pleasure of inviting David Aduddell to speak on time management to our leadership class. This presentation was very interactive and had our entire group engaged, which can be hard to do. David is a very effective communicator. His presentation, along with the workbook provided, equipped us with helpful and practical skills for managing time.” 


Colorado and Denver Bar Associations


We have used Zoe for our training for many years. We continue to consistently have rave reviews about David and his team. David has been instrumental in helping us achieve desired results regardless of the subject. David and his team are professional, humorous and present real-life scenarios that participants can relate to. I would recommend him for any size of organization!” 


Town of Castle Rock, Colorado