Customer Service Training

customer service training image depicted by phone, email and social media symbols

Today’s high-paced, high-stress work environment is taking a toll on everyone but has a special impact on those service-based employees and administrators who are on the “front lines” of the operation, interacting directly with the public, external customers, internal customers, management, vendors/suppliers, and other constituents. 

Our customer service training programs help participants more effectively identify customer/client needs and concerns, better handle angry and demanding customers (particularly in situations where the representative must deliver potentially negative information), and present an image to the customer which commands courtesy, trust, and respect.

Participants in our customer service training programs will be able to:

  • Identify the needs and concerns of the customer
  • Understand and manage angry and demanding customers
  • Present an image that commands courtesy, trust and respect
  • Use skills needed to stay calm under pressure
  • Better understand the customer’s point of view
  • Help the demanding customer find satisfaction
  • Defuse potentially explosive situations
  • Turn an angry customer into a responsive customer

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